Nilda de Siemienczuk and comments as an exercise in collective memory

The most used of the string of comments is without a doubt the word “thank you”, followed by “Congratulations” Y “happy Birthday”. In the midst of the countless and colorful stickers, emojis and images celebrating 90 years of Nilda, the gratitude it seems to be just that, but it is not. Thanking is a way of acknowledging that we need others. And in the middle of food preparation ritual, the lifeguard was always in a humble ingredient list and tips with the signature of the lady of Siemienczuk.

Perhaps it is interesting to wonder about the origin of the recipe: comes from media. Are times of newspaper, radio and a television in diapers. Besides the diary The Capital and The Tribune, There are Rosary with three spokes AM (LT3, LT8 and LT2) Y three TV channels. The Canal 8 broadcasts deferred programming from the afternoon and is seen sometimes, from 1964 the Canal 5 It has local programs but it is seen more or less, and from 1965 Channel 3 It has a spectacular image but repeats the programming of Channel 13 in Buenos Aires a day late, at least until 1967.

Nevertheless, Nilda he did not develop his work solely in the media. With products and brands who sponsored it toured with their presentations how much theater or club of Rosario is known, and traveled throughout the region visiting cities and towns, where she was awaited with anxiety and affection. Readers remember their passage, for example, by Berabevú, Correa and Casilda, the by St nicolas Y Lions, in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Córdoba.

There is no lack of acknowledgment messages to its Teaching work in its own gastronomic school of Mendoza street Y his students only have words of thanks. Comments from men are also highlighted, who also like cooking, and of course, they have turned to the wisdom of Nilda.

The kitchen and affections

Are also rescued other practices own of available technologies. Nilda appeared in on TV and, of course, the first thing he reported was what would be the dish of the day. Readers remember handwritten recipe books, and the younger ones and not so much trying to copy ingredients and measurements at the speed of the bursar’s diction. Son intimate moments that were shared with mothers and grandmothers.


Crammed with public information, this is what concerns us all, the comments allow even sketch the intimacy in the daily life of Rosario, that is, what happens behind the door of entry to home.

Thus, it seems that readers consider the kitchen as a sphere of affective exchange. There it experiment with ingredients and measurements, and produce delicacies to share with other family members. And most significantly, for years and years.

The queue for recipes

If the recipe was lame, there was salvation. By the 1960s the photocopier It is almost an industrial good, it is an expensive device, it is of intensive use and service, exclusively for large companies and businesses. The Cooperative Society of Drummers of the Rosario or Cotar Area, as she was popularly known, she sponsored Nilda for many years, and her downtown headquarters, on Tucumán and Miter, became Mecca for apprentice cooks when the distribution of copies of recipes promoted by TV. Describes the Long lines that dozens of ladies and gentlemen formed early to get the desired culinary roadmap.


The Sociedad Cooperativa de Tamberos de la Zona de Rosario or Cotar at its central headquarters in Tucumán and Miter / La Capital Daily Archive.

Recipes are the nexus Come in Nilda and her followers. The accuracy” in measurements it seems to be the great open secret that guarantees “Excellent results” and if it is about ranking, according to the readers of The capital, the lemmon pie seems to be the Nilda’s masterful recipe.

The reader María Florencia Rivero make the question explicit and show off your lemmon foot made with the Nilda’s recipe, and without knowing it, the same day of his birthday. “Today I just made your lemon pie … Without a doubt the best recipe”, assures. For another reader it is “the best in the world” and another takes it further: “The best lemmon pie in the universe.”


This is how Nilda’s famous lemmon pie remains, according to the reader María Florencia Rivero, fresh from the oven / Facebook – La Capital.

They perch on it top ten behind lemmon pie, the pancake batter what “Never fails”, the pie dough, pasta frola, cornstarch alfajores, ricotta and apple cakes with pastry cream what “Is unique”, and the inverted apple cake. He too toned calf, the “Exquisite” stuffed chicken and the gnocchi with bomb dough.

Today Nilda’s recipes are obviously in the networks. There is a profile in Facebook that it’s called “Cooking with the lady of Siemienczuk”, his administrator clarifies that she is not the most popular of the bursars, and there requests and answers are exchanged. There is also another small profile called “Who didn’t grow up seeing Nilda of Siemienczuk?”

The book, a precious object

Other messages refer to gift of people from the bursar already its always friendly relationship with your viewers, listeners and readers. His emotion to be challenged by young people, perhaps evidencing not only his validity but intergenerational transmission of what is considered precious and worthy of being inherited: the cookbook.

The book of Nilda is defined as a “manual” of recipes, elevated to the category of “Beautiful treaty” of kitchen and, phone number for editors: claims on inability to acquire your publications in the bookstores are many. And there are even those who ask if someone wants to sell it. He got no reply.

And as in real life, the distribution of post-breakup assets usually troubled. There is no shortage of those who are saddened by having lost it after a separation, while another He claims his lost treasure from his ex. None other than him Nilda’s book. “Sleeping crocodile …”, receives a scathing reply.

Several messages also refer to the enormous number of years appropriation of the publications, since some “they open by themselves”, others should be replaced by wear and tear of use and others maintain the aura of its former owners, Family integrants. There’s also historical books bought in that golden year of 1972 when some were sold 15 thousand copies, mostly in the Rural Exhibition, and others that over time will will value even more well they have Nilda’s signature and dedication.


Some readers they talk about the home joy when the daily buses and others of a childish anger, waiting for the afternoon cartoon drinking milk, I remember today become a happy nostalgia. And it is explicitly in evidence the imprint of Nilda and the media on the life of the people in two shipments, one where a girl claims to have been influenced by Nilda to choose her profession as a nutritionist, and who’s another tocaya of the television star and when she was a girl and they asked her her name, she answered: “Nilda, like Nilda from Siemienczuk.”

However, the best memories about Nilda and her dishes are related to childhood, home, the happiness of sharing life and food. And just as a reader used to do him when he was young buy the ingredients from his mother And till the utensils that Nilda used, two others imitated her playing her while “cooking with sand, grass and earth.”

“Finally a note from an iconic character in the city, thank you La Capital”, says finally a reader hitting the nail on the magnitude of the figure of Nilda of Siemienczuk and from his insertion in the daily life of the people of Rosario and in the history of the city. Maybe even a poor credit for the author of “the kitchen bible”, a “miracle book”.

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