The Japanese manufacturer Nikon is adding another model to its Z series. The wide-angle lens Nikkor Z 28mm 1: 2.8 has been added. It is the smallest and lightest model in the Z family, as announced by Nikon.

According to the manufacturer, the new lens can be used for various subjects such as street scenes, landscapes or portraits due to its compact design. With a focal length of 28 mm, the lens should also be suitable for creating film sequences. The low weight enables handheld as well as gimbal recordings, it says in the message. In addition, a Z bayonet and the aperture of 1: 2.8 with rounded blades should provide high performance even in poor lighting conditions.

Furthermore, the full-frame lens on a Nikon Z camera with DX sensor results in the image section of a 42 mm standard lens (equivalence FX) and is therefore also suitable as a supplement for the Nikon Z fc or Z 50.

Main features of the Nikkor Z 28mm f / 2.8

  • Bright f / 2.8 wide-angle lens: The focal length of 28 millimeters enables clear wide-angle shots with different perspectives.

  • Light and compact: The lens is around 43 millimeters long and weighs around 155 grams.

  • Natural bokeh: The large diameter of the Z bayonet, the light intensity of 1: 2.8 and the aperture with seven rounded blades enable a natural-looking bokeh, according to the announcement.

  • Suitable for close-ups: The close-up limit of 19 centimeters ensures sharp details even at short distances.

  • Fast, quiet autofocus: The manufacturer promises that the low-noise stepper motor and the increased light output of the Z bayonet enable quick focusing.

  • Suitable for videos: The “focus breathing” has been significantly reduced, as the manufacturer writes, so that the sharpness can be adjusted without affecting the angle of view.

  • 42 mm im DX-Format: With a DX format camera of the Z series, the focal length appears to be extended to 42 millimeters.

  • Easy handling: An almost noiseless setting ring can adjust focus, aperture, exposure compensation or ISO value.

  • Well protected: The lens is sealed against the ingress of dust and water droplets.

The Nikkor Z 28mm f / 2.8 lens for Z cameras. (Source: Nikon)

Price and availability

According to the announcement, the Nikkor Z 28mm 1: 2.8 fixed focal length lens will be available in stores from mid-December 2021 at an MSRP of CHF 319.

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