Nikkie de Jager has successfully undergone breast surgery | Stars

“In the last video of 2021, I announced that a bit between nose and lips and because I always think that no one watches my videos to the end, I didn’t think anyone would backtrack on that. But now I got a question from a follower how the operation went. Well, very good! It’s been two weeks now so I can’t raise my arms and move too much. That’s why this video is different from usual where I show you how I did my makeup. That’s not going to happen right now,” said Nikkie.

The 27-year-old presenter was also open about the ‘work’ that she had done on her face. “Let me state first that I don’t want to be a promoter of plastic surgery or ‘aids’, because who am I to say that? I do think that if you want to have something done to yourself, so that you feel better and more comfortable with it, you should definitely do it. I had botox put on to lift my eyes and tighten my forehead. I also have fillers in my lips and chin. I’m fine with that, but again: everyone should know what he or she is doing, I don’t want to encourage that.”

Dylan Drossaers

Nikkie de Jager also leaves no doubt in her latest YouTube video that her boyfriend Dylan Drossaers is the love of her life. After followers asked her how “the first time with Dylan was,” Nikkie responded openly and honestly to them.

“Gosh… the first time with Dylan, well that didn’t just happen right away. I think it happened on our third or fourth date. After undergoing an operation ‘down under’, I am very careful with my body. It is a temple to me, which I will not allow anyone to enter. In addition, I am also quite insecure to share my love and body with someone,” says Nikkie.

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She continues: “Dylan is the one, he is my person. I just feel that, he’s really great. Should it ever go out between us, which I never never see happen, then I see myself eventually with a person. Not necessarily a man or a woman, but a human being.”



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