Nijhuis also responds to Derksen riot: “I sometimes have trouble with that”

Bas Nijhuis thinks it is smart if Johan Derksen keeps his mouth shut for the time being. The analyst is under fire because he told the broadcast of Today Inside that he put a candle in the vagina of an unconscious woman fifty years ago.

Nijhuis, who regularly attended VI, is disappointed with the fuss. “Nowadays we live in a culture in which you have to be careful what you say. Some things go too far. You can no longer say everything you said twenty years ago or in a bar,” he says at Groot Maintenance of RTV Oost.

“But what pisses me off is that it is becoming a culture of accountability. One person can make a mistake and you are immediately tackled from all sides. The question now is whether a person is allowed to make a mistake. Everything is under a magnifying glass and I have sometimes it is difficult. Everyone has an opinion about it,” says Nijhuis.

Nijhuis himself is known for fuss. He advises Derksen to keep quiet for a while. “After a moment with the VAR in a match between Feyenoord and Heracles, I was so angry. I shifted the mistake to the VAR, but shouldn’t have done that. It is better not to say anything for the first few days. I advise Johan this too at.”

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