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Rimini, 28 July 2022 – Nightmare hotel with deposits that disappear towards Ireland and tourists that are seen without room and with no one to answer the phone. It is not a phenomenon, but a single case that sees every day from 5 to 7 protests to the headquarters of Federalberghi Rimini. “It has been going on like this for ten days – admits Patrizia Rinaldis president of Federalberghi -. To every person who asks us for information on that structure and tells us about skipped reservations and some money paid for the vacation and lost, let’s say reported. Only in this way can something be done “.

Anger is also mounting in the Federalberghi home. “I ask the police to intervene – says the president -. It is not possible that there are structures and managements that can afford to do certain things. These people end up by damage all other operators and the same image of the Riviera. As far as we know there are already attentions for this structure by the police. We await feedback. “Among the findings, the president also considers the complaints. Apparently in the municipalities of residence, tourists who have an open account with the Rimini hotel are moving towards the carabinieri barracks.

The facility is located in the southern area of ​​Rimini in the Bellariva-Marebello area. Tourists who felt scammed, in addition to calling Federalberghi, flooded the web with negative reviews. In the last three weeks, it has been a succession of nightmarish comments. Experiences such as that of a potential tourist who tells: “I had booked with free cancellation and payment in the structure and instead these gentlemen, after booking, they changed the booking conditions and they took the full amount of the reservation … on the phone they do not answer nor by message. Fortunately, Booking refunded me. “

A yesterday the structure was no longer available on Booking. In the meantime, stories like that of the tourist mentioned above are always accumulating under the heading ‘reviews’, and are enriched with further details. There are those who explain that payment was requested a month before arrival and those who add: “He has canceled my reservation and he has to pay me back very disappointed. “There are also those who ask:” I booked through a hotel I would like to understand why the Iban is foreignI can trust?”.

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From an email sent by the structure to a potential customer you can see how the reference Iban is Irish. THE priceson the other hand, they are nothing short of tattered. For about a dozen people in the week close to Ferragosto the total cost is less than 500 euros. Everything is included in the price, from dinners with three menus to choose from, to an umbrella and sun bed for an all-inclusive stay. In addition to those who have seen their stay fade away, there are also those who have managed to sleep in the hotel, but reading the reviewsdoes not have a good memory.



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