nightmare before the storm 2022

In Fortnite update 22.20, DJ Lyka waiting for you at the Tree of Reality to help transform you into werewolves with monstrous abilities.

Turning into monsters is just one part of Fortnite: nightmare before the storm 2022. Additionally, complete quests for special rewards, kill cube monsters in Zero Build’s Horde Stampede, throw your own party with the items that come back from the room, and much more. Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest ends on November 1st at 07:00 CET!

Moonlight claws, heightened senses

While taking a break from dancing to DJ Lyka’s mixes, stand on one of the Change Altars of the Tree of Reality, where you will have the option to perform the Ritual gesture. (Are you far from the Tree of Reality? Don’t worry, altars can be found in other places too!) When you complete the ritual, you will have the moonlight claws. Equip this supernatural item to gain canine abilities:

Wolf Instinct Ability

With Moonlight Claws equipped, cry to activate the wolf instinct skill, which has a temporary duration and then cools down. The Wolf Instinct ability will grant you tracking vision, which is used to mark enemies within a close radius. If there are no enemies within the radius, Wolf Instinct will automatically cool down.

(Let them mark to you with track vision? Your sixth sense will tell you with a heartbeat that increases in intensity as the hunter approaches…)

Fortnite Howler Claws

The moonlight claws.

Tearing ability

Equipping yourself with the Moonlight Claws gives you…claws, of course. But it’s much more than just sharp nails. With the Tearing abilitydon’t hold back and perform a melee attack with a four-hit combo.

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air slicing ability

Your claws will also allow you to perform a rip air. With the air splitting abilityperform a double jump that will deal damage to enemies upon landing.

No structures, lots of monsters

Fortnite Zero Build Horde Rush

Horde Stampede returns! But this time the cube monsters have a trick up their sleeve: a rush horde zero construction. Will you and your teammates be able to take down hordes of monsters, collect score multipliers, get combos, survive in different locations and take down the final boss without building? Check it out while Zero Build’s Horde Stampede is available on the Discover screen until after Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest is over (November 15, when maintenance for update 22.40 starts.)

What you’re reading: Zero Build Horde Stampede will still be available after November 1st for a limited time. When Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest ends, look for Horde Stampede missions to complete and receive a special reward…

Take on Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Fortnite Storm

You already know all about the Horde Stampede quest, but there are also available Fortnite Common Missions: Nightmare Before The Storm! For these missions you will have to perform the Altar of Change ritual, visit Dantean places, among other things. like Morada Macabre, and use objects that return from the room, like the caramel or the pumpkin shooter. Complete missions in Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Storm to earn XP…among other nice surprises.

Fortnite Candy and Pumpkin Launcher

Fortnite Candy: Nightmare Before the Storm and Pumpkin Shooter.

Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest missions will be available daily for 14 days. Completing five will unlock the hang glider the end of it all. By completing 13, you will unlock the backpack accessory Chrome Breastplate. Completing 25 will unlock the fused edge pickaxe. Missions can be completed until Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Storm ends on November 1st at 07:00 CET.

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Fortnitmares bonus goals rewards

Islands beyond paradise

Fortnitmares shoutout

Do you want to continue the scares? Or better with the party? Luckily, in this year’s Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Storm challenge, we challenged creators to design islands with scares, treats, or both. look at the Scare and Delight section Go to Discover during Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest 2022 and search for your favorite cards!

Being afraid is no longer just a concept

Fortnite Nitemares come to life

Recently the suits of sinister appearance y Tormented soul They reached the item shop. These new costumes were inspired by concepts from March’s Master Concept winners:@Dreowings y @kitsunekitsu! Check out our interview with these emerging artists, where they tell us how they were inspired to create their designs, what their artistic background is, and what it’s like to win a Master Concept, among other things.

More in Update 22.20: Keyboard Movement: Custom Diagonals

In update 22.20, the “Keyboard movement: custom diagonals” setting was added to the mouse and keyboard settings tab. With this new setting, you will now be able to adjust your character’s diagonal movement to your preferred movement angle.

To enable it, go to the Mouse and Keyboard tab and check “Yes” for “Use custom diagonals”. Then set the “Front Diagonal Angle” and “Back Diagonal Angle” to your preferred angle of movement.

Competitive Fortnite Notifications

Important bug fixes

  • Repair cards no longer sink when the player is eliminated in the water.

  • Players can once again see the progress of their evochrome weapon evolutions in competitive queues.

  • Moving the right stick on the controller no longer causes unintentional menu navigation.

  • Fixed an issue on mobile where water appears to float above the ground.

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There are indications that a new enemy has camped on the island during Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest. He is rumored to be in a new floor of the Morada Macabre House… See if you can defeat him and get his mythical weapon! (It is possible you need help).

Oh, and some species of wild animals disappeared in Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest. What if a zombified species killed them? Or maybe they escaped in a speedboat, which would explain the disappearance of those boats…



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