Nightlife space in Ponte de Sor is the scene of violent aggression – Portugal

The case took place in the early hours of last Friday, at 1:30 am when the GNR was called by the owner of a nightlife space in the city of Ponte de Sor to resolve a conflict involving 4 individuals.

The first team to arrive was the rapid intervention squad of the GNR of Portalegre that was at the scene on duty, when it approached the individuals there was the crime of resistance and coercion to the GNR military and therefore the GNR military had to detain two of the individuals. GNR source says “that the force used was strictly necessary to put an end to criminal activity”

The truth is that the videos of the GNR intervention were posted on social networks, which created some alarm in the Ponte de Sor community.

Two of the individuals, two 31-year-old men, were arrested and later restricted to freedom when the case ended, both being notified to appear next Monday at the Ponte de Sor court.

The men claim to have been victims of excessive force by these elements of the GNR, but the CMTV knows that so far no complaints have been filed against the actions of these soldiers.

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