Nicolas ate in secret, Estefania broke the rules

News on the island of the famous 2022

Lory Del Santo, in an interview with, spoke of alleged violations of the regulation and misconduct that would have occurred on the Island of the famous 2022. And on Marco Cucolo: “He called me but I didn’t answer. I will welcome him back at home but on one condition “.

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News on the island of the famous 2022

Lory Del Santoin an interview with, spoke of alleged violations of the regulation and misconduct that would have occurred atIsland of the famous 2022. The former castaway claims that Nicolas Vaporidis he ate in secret and Stephanie Bernal broke the rules of the game. Del Santo also tells of the episodes that would have seen protagonists Edoardo Tavassi e Carmen Di Pietro:

“I want to get some pebbles off my shoe. I want to reveal the true essence of these people. Like a spray of chilli, I want to reveal little secrets to better understand who we are dealing with. The misconduct that this group has done are so many, but I have chosen five to limit myself. Of everything I say there are witnesses, ready to confirm. I did not say it on the island because if I had reported the violations, the Spirit of the Island would have taken away the fire, penalizing also the innocent people who did not deserve not to eat. What I denounce are things that never went on the air. “

Nicolas and Estefania would have eaten in secret

Lory Del Santo’s first revelation concerns Luca Daffré and Nicolas Vaporidis. According to what the former castaway says, the model – while he was a leader – would have violated the regulation, giving food to Nicolas Vaporidis and Estefania Bernal, so that they would consume it secretly in the woods:

“Luca was nicknamed by the group chupa chupa, lollipop, he is the most unbearable person on the island. He is slimy. On one occasion, Nicolas and Estefania could not eat in the evening because I had not chosen them in the reward test. Luca, who had become a leader, went against the rules, made them go into the woods, so that they could secretly eat their portion of rice. Why did he do this wrong? To curry favor with the group he wanted to join. He proved that he was not an impartial leader “.

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The clash between Vaporidis and Lory Del Santo

Lory Del Santo then said that the following day Nicolas Vaporidis – who would have eaten secretly in the woods – would have lashed out at her who deprived him of dinner:

Isola 2022: Lory Del Santo has left Marco Cucolo, Savino: “After 9 years, are you leaving him for a game?”

“The next day, with a full stomach, he came to me screaming:” You wanted to punish me, you penalized me, you took the food out of my mouth because you wanted me to be sick. You are an unfair and bad person. You took my dinner away. “I should have screamed, knowing that his stomach was full and he had eaten his share in the woods. What a fake are you? What a hideous and unfair person. He said I’m a buffoon but he’s the buffoon, who ate in secret while Luca covered him. Nicolas was wrong to a very serious level. He turned everyone against me. He is the viper of the group “.

Estefania Bernal allegedly violated the regulation

Estefania Bernal allegedly violated the regulation. Gennaro Auletto had earned a rich reward after winning the rotisserie test. The food belonged to his group and could not be shared. The model, however, would have given her half of the food to her opponents on her own initiative:

“The reward that thanks to Gennaro was due to me, Estefania, Gennaro and Marco was slightly richer than that received from the other castaways: there were two cans of vegetables, a little salad and an extra carrot. The Spirit of the Island said that we could not share, that we would be punished and they would take away our fire. It was forbidden. At that time, Estefania was trying to get on the wagon of the other group. So, she gave half of our food to Edoardo and Nicolas. I told her it was forbidden and she replied: “I don’t give a damn, I do what I want, I think I have to share.” They weren’t starving, they had their pantry. Thus, his ride to go to the other group began. “

Edoardo breaks the fire cover, but takes it out on Nick

One episode, among the revelations made by Del Santo, also concerns Edoardo Tavassi. The castaway allegedly broke the bamboo cover Lory had built to protect the fire. The blame, however, would have fallen on Nick who would not have reminded the group to fix it:

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“Luca went to report to Edoardo that Nick had not reminded the group that the cover was broken. According to him, it would have been a voluntary failure on Nick’s part, so if it rained at night, the fire would go out and the fault would be it fell on whoever broke the cover. Nick became the culprit who had to apologize. They massacred him. I cried for him. Edoardo, never apologizing for breaking the fire cover, attacked Nick, humiliated him screaming: ‘Apologize, apologize’ “.

Carmen would not defend Nick while Edoardo attacked him

Finally, Lory Del Santo spoke about Carmen Di Pietro. The castaway would have offered to remind Edoardo that the fire cover was broken. Then, she would have forgotten to do so, placing the blame on Nick and not bothering to defend him during the clash with Tavassi:

“Carmen that day came to us three times to tell us that the fire cover was broken: ‘I would go to Edoardo to ask for it to be repaired’. She proposed, but she didn’t. The next day, when Edoardo insulted Nick , I asked her: ‘Why didn’t you say that?’ And she replied that she forgot because she was washing clothes. A lie. She did nothing to defend Nick. She let him perish under Edoardo’s insults, knowing that she could have saved him. She saw that Nick was the victim and kept quiet. “

She is willing to forgive Marco Cucolo but on one condition

Lory Del Santo, who threatened to kick Marco Cucolo out of the house live on the Island of the famous, seems to have softened up about it. The showgirl claimed to have felt hurt because her boyfriend would not have defended her for a simple game strategy, therefore in order not to risk being nominated by the group. She however she is willing to give him another chance:

“If we cleared up after the episode? No, I didn’t hear him. I think he tried to call me, but I was devastated. I didn’t even want to talk to him on purpose. When I saw him on video, I got a lump in gluttony. 9 years are not erased like this. I know that he is good, that he hates fighting, that it is for goodness and for peace. However, he hurt me. He must understand what life means without me. Monday I will try to open my heart and to be indulgent. But he must promise me that I will not be in the background in his life.

And he continued: “Now he goes to Naples, then on Monday in the studio I will make my considerations. It will have to be convincing. Of course I have softened up, but I will tell him: ‘Remember that I am a person who does not accept to survive, I want to live. Go back to being you same'”. She then concluded by clarifying that if she went back, she would participate in the reality show alone:

“If I went back I would do this experience by myself, because in a game competition always takes over. Involuntarily, even the most splendid relationship is affected by metastases that begin at the most unexpected moment. It is inevitable to arrive at a confrontation”.

Because he would like Edoardo Tavassi to win the Island of the Famous

Finally, Lory Del Santo revealed who would like the Island of the famous 2022 to win. The answer may surprise you: “I would like Nick but he will never win. So I say Edoardo. He has said more than once that he has a lot of debts, which he accumulated in 11 years. I would like him to win, so he can pay off the debts. I think it would be good for him mentally and would turn him into a better man “. The castaways with whom he will maintain a relationship are: “Marco Maccarini, Gennaro Auletto, Nick Luciani, Marco Senise, I also really liked Fabrizia Santarelli and then Floriana Secondi a strong, extraordinary woman”.



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