Nick & Simon: Who’s Going Solo Next? ‘One nice, the other not’

After fans digested the news that Nick & Simon have broken up, the big question remains: which one will go solo? Rumors wants it to be clear…

The solo plans have been confirmed by management, but more will be revealed later. Meanwhile, the rumor mill is running at full speed, because the rift between the two men runs parallel to the adultery rumors of Simon Keizer.

Bad image Simon

Seven women recently opened a book about their contact with Simon. And since the affair came out, the singer has been bombarded with negative comments on his Instagram, something Nick is no doubt suffering too.

Rumor has it that Nick wants nothing more to do with Simon. “For some time there have been rumors that Nick no longer wants to be associated with Simon’s bad image,” reported Yvonne Coldeweijer.

‘One is nice and the other is not’

Evert Sanwaarden goes a step further. In ‘Strictly Privé’ he says that one of the two is much more popular. “The irritations between them are also there and they are also two different guys,” he explains. “One is nice and the other is not nice, you sometimes hear in that world.”

Although San Credits does not want to say which of the two is more popular, he does confirm that they can no longer air or see each other. But because they want to sell an entire tour, they keep it a secret. “People don’t feel like going to see people who can’t get through the same door. So it’s all downplayed a bit.”

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