Nice wandered off -0 RCSA)

Nice wandered off -0 RCSA)

Youcef Atal scored a nice goal (1-0, 45th+1).

On the occasion of the 4th day of Ligue 1, OGC Nice easily beat Strasbourg (2-0) this Sunday. The Gym’s first success this season.

Hooked three times in three days of Ligue 1, and a week after the sad spectacle offered against Olympique Lyonnais (0-0), OGC Nice was expected at the turn against Strasbourg.

As a result, the Riviera club did the job against the team of Patrick Vieira (2-0), too defensive and powerless at the Allianz Riviera.

One team on the field

Faced with a reinforced midfielder, Nice nevertheless had difficulty getting around the opposing block in the first minutes. The very particular style of his coach Francesco Farioli imposed a small rhythm which did not prevent the Gym from getting clear chances.

After Diop’s shot was not rolled up enough, it was Moffi, following a good sequence, which forced Sels to close his first post well. Strasbourg, with its 23% possession after a quarter of an hour, could not get out of its half of the field. And could thank his goalkeeper Sels for his two interventions in front of Laborde, while the post rejected the attempt of the former Strasbourg player Sanson!

Moffi rewarded

But we did not see how Racing could hold out in this way. So in added time in the first period, a personal feat from Atal (1-0, 45th + 2) allowed Nice to take a fully deserved advantage. It was therefore to be expected to see more attacking Alsatians after half-time.

The visitors were indeed higher up the field, but without ever being dangerous. With only one attacking player in the line-up, it’s obviously difficult… Nice quickly regained control and after the post hit a few minutes earlier, Moffi (2-0, 75th) had more success with his dive in front of Sels! A great way to consolidate the Aiglons’ first victory this season.

Match score: 4/10

If they offered some good sequences, the Niçois, because of their style of play, also imposed timeouts which harm the show. And on the other side, Strasbourg didn’t show anything with the ball. In short, there was only one team that walked at a slow pace.

The goals :

– Upon receiving a fine cross from Dante on the right side, Atal eliminates Deminguet with a feint by entering the area. The side wraps his shot perfectly with the left foot and leaves the goalkeeper Sels no chance! (1-0, 45th+1)

– On a long opening from Todibo in depth, Moffi overtakes Sylla and Nyamsi. The Nice striker appears alone in front of Sels and stings his ball with the outside of his left foot! (2-0, 75th)

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Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot assigned a commented note (out of 10) to each player.

Man of the match: Youssouf Ndayishimiye (8/10)

While Patrick Vieira had strengthened his midfield, the Niçois was clearly the boss in midfield! He was omnipresent in recovery and was part of the Gym’s launching pads. Like his dribble which put two opponents on the ground, or his opening for Moffi, he also impressed with the ball.


Marcin Bulka (6): apart from a good outing on Delaine’s cross, the Gym goalkeeper was not called upon. A quiet match for the Pole.

Youcef Atal (6.5): after a difficult start to the match because of bad choices, the right side made Nice’s domination a reality with a magnificent goal! Like this action, he was available on his lane and was never threatened by Deminguet. Replaced at the 69th by Jordan Lotomba (not rated).

Jean-Clair Todibo (7): never worried, the central defender especially distinguished himself with the ball at his feet. He took fewer initiatives than Dante on the raise. But he also proved his ability to shine in this area with a nice assist for Moffi.

Dante (7.5): with this philosophy, one would be tempted to say that the Brazilian becomes the Nice playmaker. It is he who decides when Nice changes pace. He played his role as a trigger well with good passes forward, and good crosses like the one that brings the goal of Atal. His yellow card taken from the 5th minute did not bother him.

Melvin Bard (6): full of determination, the left side blocked his lane well and participated in the offensive animation. He is almost unrecognizable compared to last season thanks to the intensity put into everything he does. Injured in contact with Sissoko and replaced in the 75th minute by Romain Perraud (not rated).

Hichem Boudaoui (6): shy at the start of the match, even imprecise on a rather simple pass to Laborde, the midfielder recovered well in the second period. He put himself at the level of his teammates in the duels and the use of the ball, like his breakthrough at the end of the match. Replaced at the 86th by Pablo Rosario (didn’t notice).

Youssouf Ndayishimiye (8): see comments above.

Morgan Sanson (7): still impressive in his volume of play, the former Strasbourg player did not spare his former team. He was clumsy at the start of the game, not to mention his shot on the post. But his enormous activity in recovery and his incessant forward projections did damage on the Alsatian side.

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Gaëtan Laborde (4): frustrating match for the striker. Available on the left side or in depth, he has obtained several opportunities. But he ran into Sels and never got over his frustration. Replaced at the 86th by Evann Guessand (not rated).

Terem Moffi (7.5): it is certain, the Farioli style does not always highlight its qualities. Nevertheless, the center-forward was able to take advantage of the balls which eventually arrived. He is the author of a superb sequence with a small bridge on Perrin, followed by a shot released by Sels. He did not succeed in everything, especially at the start of the second period. But he is rewarded with a goal in a direct action which corresponds more to his profile.

Sofiane Diop (3): uninspired in his initiatives, the former Monegasque was dominated by Guilbert throughout the meeting. We felt he was frustrated, especially when Dante forgot to serve him despite a good deep call. Replaced at the 69th by Jérémie Boga (not rated)who lost his duel against Sels.


Matz Sels (7): with a less inspired goalkeeper, Strasbourg would have left Nice with a full suitcase! The Belgian limited the damage by deflecting Moffi’s strike, or by winning his duels against Laborde and Boga.

Lucas Perrin (3): like the small bridge inflicted by Moffi, the former Marseillais suffered. He was not serene at the restart and missed a dismissal which offered a double opportunity to the people of Nice.

Gerzino Nyamsi (3.5): solid at the start of the match, the central defender ended up taking on water too. He was easily eliminated by Moffi before the post hit in the second half. Then the Nice striker underlined his slowness on the action of the second goal.

Loubadhe Abakar Sylla (2): in great difficulty for his debut with Strasbourg, the rookie at 20 million euros has still not reassured. On the contrary ! His dangerous back passes and his missed raises weighed on his team, as did his slowness on Moffi’s goal. Replaced at the 84th by Kevin Gameiro (not rated).

Frederic Guilbert (6): full of energy, the right piston had no trouble neutralizing Diop. His sense of anticipation allowed him to scratch balloons. But he didn’t have the opportunity to use them in the opposing half.

Ismael Doukouré (3): despite his recovery activity, the midfielder was dominated. He never managed to put his foot on the ball.

Ibrahima Sissoko (3.5): with such a size, the ex-Brestois has found a way to endure in the duels. He started to touch more balls after returning from the locker room, and to organize the Racing game. But his technical waste quickly cut Alsatian ambitions. Replaced at the 84th by Sanjin Prcic (unrated).

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Thomas Delaine (2): except for his dangerous center for Emegha, the left piston did not exist. He was even in difficulty on his lane where Atal and Laborde enjoyed a certain freedom. Replaced at the 84th by Marvin Senaya (unrated).

Habib Diarra (3): for his defense, the defensive midfielder does not have the qualities to play as a right winger. He tried to bring on the offensive level with good will. But Bard and his teammates neutralized him without difficulty. Replaced at the 64th by Angelo (not listed).

Emanuel Emegha (4): discreet, the Dutch center-forward still represented an interesting point of support. Barely 5 minutes into the game and he was already forcing Dante to collect a yellow card. He could have deceived Bulka if he had arrived in time on Delaine’s cross. A difficult match for the only attacking element of the Strasbourg starting lineup.

Jessy Deminguet (2): like Diarra, the midfielder was out of place on this left lane. We can’t ask him to animate a side. He should perhaps have concentrated on his defensive tasks, he who was naively eliminated by the striker Atal. Replaced at the 64th by Dilane Bakwa (not rated).

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And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? React in the “comments” box below!

NICE 2-0 STRASBOURG (mi-tps: 1-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 4th day
Stadium: Allianz Riviera, Nice – Referee: Jeremy Stinat, France

Buts : Y. Atal (45+1e) T. Moffi (75e) pour NICE
Warnings :

Dante (5e)


H. Boudaoui (82e)

for NICE –

I. Sissoko (83e)



M. Bulka

J. Todibo



Y. Atal (J. Boga, 69e)


Mr. Bard (R. Perraud, 77th)

H. Boudaoui (P. Rosario, 86e)


Y. I appreciate it


Mr. Sanson

G. Laborde (E. Guessand, 86th)


T. Moffi


S. Diop (J. Lotomba, 69e)


M. Sels

L. Perrin


G. Nyamsi


L. Sylla (S. Prcic, 84e)

I. Doukoure


I. Sissoko (K. Gameiro, 84e)

F. Guilbert


T. Delaine (M. Senaya, 84e)

E. Open

Habib Diarra (Angel Gabriel, 64th)


J. Deminguet (D. Bakwa, 64th)

Atal has unblocked the situation with a personal exploit! (1-0, 45th+1)

Moffi took advantage of a nice pass from Todibo (2-0, 75th)

Patrick Vieira did not succeed in his return to Nice

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