Niccolò Fabi at “Kalipé – A walking pace”

Services and reports from Honolulu, Reykjavik, Granada and Marmolada in the third appointment with “Kalipè – a walking pace”, broadcast in prime time, at 21.20, on Rai2 on Wednesday 12 January. The first guest that Ossini will welcome in the studio, on the Skyway Monte Bianco, will be Niccolò Fabi: he will do so to the tune of Domenico Modugno’s “Meraviglioso”, a piece that will give the episode its title. With him she will reflect on the importance of slowing down the pace and on how man should be amazed again. Niccolò Bongiorno will then join him, just back from the East where he made a documentary. It will tell about the populations of those territories, the problems related to water and the magic that those lands are able to give. He will remember his father Mike Bongiorno, a great traveler and mountain lover, and when he got stuck on the Matterhorn while filming a commercial. With Andrea Segre, creator of the National Day for the prevention of food waste in Italy (February 5), Ossini will then address the sensitive issue linked to consumption, giving advice to avoid wasting food. Many services and original reports, from Italy and the world, to tell the Wonders of our Planet: Ossini will be in Hawaii and precisely in Honolulu, on the island of O’Ahu, to tell about one of the most beautiful places on the planet it hosts thousands of surfers but also researchers, who are studying the waves of the Pacific Ocean trying to understand how climate change is modifying its composition and what connection there is with the atmosphere. In Reykjavik, Iceland, the public will be able to get to know a lively city, full of young people in a country with a great abundance of water where there are more than a thousand waterfalls of the most beautiful in the world. And in Granada, Spain, a city that attracts students from all over Europe where the present has not forgotten the past, starting with the Arab quarter. Finally, on the Marmolada at more than 3000 meters, Massimiliano Ossini will accompany a great mountain lover, to celebrate his 90th birthday: an example of strength and passion.


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