NHS app to get new features next year

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(Pocket-lint) – The UK’s NHS app will see some major upgrades over the next two years, the government has announced, including the introduction of video consultations on the app.

Apparently, the government is aiming for 75 percent of people to use the app by March 2024, while currently less than 50 percent have the app installed on their smartphone.

The first major milestone is set to be reached in March 2023. Then the app will allow people to book vaccinations directly, get health alerts about prescriptions and more, get more messages from their GPs, schedule and manage hospital appointments, and access their digital files.

A year later, in March 2024, the app should be able to offer face-to-face video consultations that can be booked – a major improvement compared to its current capabilities.

This announcement is more of a statement of the direction the app is intended to be taking than something to back up with any specific dates beyond those two yearly goals, so we don’t know when each feature will be available.

In many cases, it will also depend on the ability of individual doctor’s offices and hospitals to adapt to the changes, rather than just being rolled out nationwide overnight when the feature is ready.

Writing from Max Freeman-Mills.

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