NHL. Roman Josi unstoppable against Philadelphia.

No one stops Roman Josi on NHL rinks anymore. Author of two assists during the 5-4 success of Nashville in front of Philadelphia, the Bernese is still as irresistible.

He signed a thirteenth game on Sunday with at least one point scored. Author of 4 goals and 24 assists during this fantastic series, the captain is only three games away from equaling the franchise record. Between December 29, 2007 and January 1, 2008, JP Dumont had played sixteen matches with at least one point.

Against Philadelphia, Roman Josi was decisive on Tanner Jeannot’s winning goal 79” from the siren for his… 81st point of the season. Beaten in their last two meetings, the Predators now have a mattress of five points on the bar.

That of Kevin Fiala’s Minnesota is even more comfortable (9). The Saint-Gallois offered the victory to his team in extra time against Colorado. He scored after 15” in overtime on a power play streak to sign his 22nd success of the season and allow the Wild to pick a sixth victory in a row. Kevin Fiala now has 59 points.

This Sunday was less smiling for Pius Suter, beaten … 11-2 with Detroit by Pittsburgh


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