NH-P1, all about the Noctua passive radiator; or almost

After several months of waiting, lovers of silence will finally be able to take advantage of the first Noctua specially designed for passive operation, therefore without a fan. Although it is possible to add a low speed fan, such as a NF-A12x25 LS-PWM, in order to ensure optimum operation according to the processors.

But with seven heat pipes and a large space between the fins, no doubt the box will be a hit with mid-range processors in a rear case. And since the design is not symmetrical, there shouldn’t be any interference issue with the first PCI-E port, while the fins are tall enough that they won’t block memory.

Unfortunately, the information available comes from Newegg, which displays the product. 100 USD by omitting an important element: the technical sheet! If all the marketing part is presented online, details on dimensions, for example, are missing.

But there is no doubt that we will know much more soon. Good news dj, Noctua book of the NT-H2 a bundle.

source : FanlessTech

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