Nft, bottle of champagne sold for 2.5 million dollars. It is the most expensive ever

A bottle of champagne from 2.5 million dollars. No one had ever spent so much on a bubble. They thought about breaking the record Giovanni and Piero Buonotwo cryptocurrency investors who won a magnum of Chateau Avenue Foch 2017. A 1.5-liter champagne that has reached that figure not so much for the year, but for the NFT which gives buyers the intellectual property rights on Bored-Ape Mutant (the bored mutant monkey, ndr), illustration created by the artist Mig and printed on his label.

The project

The project and the sale were handled by Shammi Shinh, British entrepreneur and luxury champagne expert who has put on the Open sea platform the precious piece of The Bored Ape Yacht club, a collection of drawings that has a turnover of tens of millions of dollars. Being sold as NFT, I expect some exchanges on the market before the bottle reaches its final owner – explained the entrepreneur who could continue the collaboration with Mig, auctioning other pieces of a limited edition -. Nft are the new diamonds and I hope for a greater awareness of the people.

The bottle

The bottle – which also has other designs from the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate collection on the label and studded with Swarovski diamonds – was not for paid in cryptocurrencies, but in dollars. I wonder if it will have other owners besides the current ones. Meanwhile, the Buono brothers, investors in the world of fashion and technology, have revealed to the Wall Street Journal that they have no intention, for now, of uncorking the bottle. Obtained 100 percent from uve Premier Cru, Champagne Avenue Foch produced by a family-run estate. It is called Allouchery and is located in Chamery, in the Marne department. Here are vineyards that have been cultivated for generations.



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