NFL – Bucs Game in Tampa

Munich/Tampa Bay – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cannot do any normal preparation this week for the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Due to Hurricane Ian, the Bucs have to move to Miami. Ian, which has now made landfall on Florida’s west coast, may also move over Tampa Bay in the near future.

In Miami, the Buccaneers already use the Dolphins’ training facilities.

NFL Explained: Tampa Bay Buccaneers play at Raymond James Stadium

After initially postponing the top game, the NFL now makes it clear that the game will take place at Raymond James Stadium. There is also an explanation of the bugs.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the many thousands in the Southwest Florida area who were severely affected by Hurricane Ian,” the Bucs said. “We are also very grateful that the Tampa Bay area was spared the brunt of this powerful storm. We have notified the NFL, after consultation with local and state authorities, that we are prepared to postpone Sunday night’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium as originally scheduled.”

Tampa Mayor taunts the Chiefs

For Tampa City Mayor Jane Castor, moving wasn’t an option from the start. “We’re doing our best to host Sunday’s game here,” Castor tweeted, along with a photo of her posing with a Buccaneers flag.

In the second part of her tweet, there is a small mockery in the direction of the opponent: “I assured the NFL that the only disruption will be if the Buccaneers kick the Chiefs in the ar***.” The “mini-announcement” is topped off with a wink smiley.

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The alternate stadium in Minneapolis would have been ready just in case. It’s free because the Minnesota Vikings play their game against the New Orleans Saints in London this weekend.

Last season a game had to be postponed due to a hurricane. The Saints played the 2021 season opener against the Green Bay Packers (38:3) in Jacksonville.

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