FC Barcelona has many duties in the next transfer market, and Josep Maria Bartomeu has reviewed his planning. After the coronavirus crisis broke out, the president has already announced a summer of a lot of movement in the squad and marked by exchanges, and in his conversation with ‘Mundo Deportivo’ he has confirmed the intentions of the club and the names that appear on the discharge list and casualties of the first team.

One of the obligatory questions for the Catalan is what will happen to Neymar, and although he has not ruled out his returnIt has pointed out the only way in which the entity can afford to recruit big stars. “Now we are making decisions and the players, if they do not come from the exchange of footballers, it is very difficult for them to come,” he acknowledged, in what seems like a direct message to a PSG that must also ‘get wet’.

Along the same lines, he has commented on Lautaro Martínez, and has highlighted that all contacts have been stopped by the Champions League.: “Yes, we have spoken with Inter but now the issue is stopped. Now the concentration on the sports part is in this Champions League that comes to us now.” After several months of tug-of-war, everything indicates that the period between August and September will be of maximum intensity in the offices.

The leader has boasted seven additions already tied for the next campaign: “In January Barça made a series of bets for the future and since we made them, people are seeing the quality they have. Pedri, who is a young player with incredible talent. Trincao, who was very unknown, we signed him in January and he is already the best U-21 in Europe. AND Matheus Fernandes, who has played little because he has had some problems with the roles to come to Spain, he already has them in order and has had few appearances but of quality in Valladolid “.

Although it is still to be decided if these pearls will remain in the squad, there are four others that do have the site secured. The last section of LaLiga has been decisive in this regard, since an agreement with Juventus was finalized and three promises from the subsidiary were made that have earned a place with the ‘elders’: “And Pjanic He is a player who will come and will surely consolidate in minute zero in the first team. It is very exciting to see Barça B players coming up. Since Araujo, center that will surely have a file from the first team Riqui Puig and Ansu fati“.

“Araújo, Riqui Puig and Ansu Fati, due to their evolution and current training, have to have a first team record”

“For these players, due to their evolution and their current formation, they have to have a first team record. I think it is good news for Barcelona that B return to bring players to the first team. La Masia does a sometimes dark, little-known job, but there are very good players like Collado, like Monchu, who have a very good future, “he added, about others who could move up soon.

Nor has he forgotten Iñaki Peña, whose evolution is fully controlled and aims to place him as a replacement for Ter Stegen in the medium term. “He was key in penalties against Badajoz. He trains continuously with the first team and has a future at Barça. But he has Ter Stegen, one of the three best goalkeepers in the world, and Neto, who is in the top ten. But Iñaki must continue with his training project at Barça, whether at B, as a third goalkeeper or on loan, “he explained.

Bartomeu explains his plans for Barça B.

Bartomeu has explained his plans for the subsidiary, whose fight for promotion is considered an excellent symptom. Of course, at the training level, he does not believe that the category jump is key for the youth squads: “It is the same to go up as not. Being in Second A opens different possibilities, more income, you enter the professional soccer league and that gives you two votes, but it is indifferent, we only have to see the case of Araujo, Riqui and Ansu, who has gone from youth to the first team. Our goal is to train players to play, not to do business with them“.

In this sense, I have always said it, I am a supporter of the league of subsidiaries until the age of 21, where Barça face the subsidiaries of other clubs. For example, the Youth League is a success of UEFA because it is very good for training, players of the same age from other countries face, they travel, there are concentrations. And Barça has won it twice, it is one of the teams that has won the most. A League of subsidiaries, having one or two older reinforcements, as they do at the Olympics with three over 23, would be ideal, “he proposed.