News – WC U20 – Switzerland let go midway through the match (video)


WC U20

Switzerland – United States: 1-7 (0-0, 1-5, 0-2)

But: 25’54 Mazur (samoskevich, Bordeleau / PP) 0-1; 28’25 Henry (Biasca, Zanetti) 1-1; 31’29 Faber (Hughes, Bordeaux) 1-2; 33’22 Mazur (Slaggert, Faber) 1-3; 37’16 Slaggert (Kaiser, Mazur) 1-4; 39’23 Coronato (Hughes, McKown) 1-5; 41’57 Bordeaux (Hughes, Samoskevich / PP) 1-6; 55’23 Duran (Cooley) 1-7.

The narrow defeat (2-3) against Sweden may have heralded a happy future for Switzerland. Not completely false until the middle of the game, since at the opening of the American point only intervened at the beginning of the 2nd third, Henry could equalize immediately. We passed the half game at 1-1, rarely have Switzerland been so close to the USA at this time of the game.

Everything went wrong three months later when the captain Faber restored the advantage for the young Americans with a shot from the blue line, in front Slaggert did not double the bet 1’53” later. So the Helvetians ran for the score, without success, the United States even drove the point twice at the end of the 2nd third.

The 3rd period only showed American superiority with a certain… Thomas Bordeleau (ex-SCB, the son of Sébastien the… Franco-Canadian). His first line of attack hurt the formation of Marco Bayer as it is the basis of five of the seven US goals. It now remains for Switzerland to score its first points against Germany and/or Austria to hope to qualify for the quarter-finals.

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