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The thyroid gland is an important organ, thanks to which the entire hormonal system of the body functions.

As soon as the thyroid gland does not receive proper nutrition, serious failures can begin.

In particular, there are problems with metabolism and even uncontrolled weight gain.

In order to avoid this, you need to follow a few rules of nutrition.

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What do they consist of

Pay attention to seafood

Try to include seafood in your diet a couple of times a week, which have a balanced composition. With their help, you can restore the functioning of the thyroid gland.

The most valuable are shrimps and mussels.

It is also worth paying attention to squid meat.


An interesting fact is that persimmon has impressive reserves of iodine, iron and sodium. The fruit is also rich in vitamins, among which are C and A.

The only drawback of persimmon is that it is a seasonal product.

Feijoa has a similar composition.

sea ​​kale

Experts believe that this is the best product for thyroid health. In order for the body to receive its daily intake of iodine, it is enough to consume only 100 grams of seaweed.

In addition, the product is rich in minerals and has a low calorie content. Therefore, seaweed can be safely included in the menu when losing weight.


It’s no surprise that this leafy vegetable is hugely popular among supporters of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

If you eat it on a regular basis, then everything will be in order with the thyroid gland.

Remember that it is preferable to use spinach in combination with vitamin C, so you can season the vegetable with lemon juice.

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