News on Forbes triggers interest in a Portuguese palace for sale for 25 million

The Palácio da Brejoeira, in Monção, is for sale for 25 million euros. More than two years ago. But a recent publication in Forbes magazine made the number of people interested in the purchase “explode”.

According to Emílio Magalhães, administrator and majority shareholder of the palace, the price includes the property with 1700 square meters, dating from 1806, all of its contents, and a total of 28 hectares of land for vine cultivation (17 hectares) of forest (eight) and gardens (three). The deal also includes the Alvarinho wine brand “Palácio da Brejoeira”, one of the oldest in the region.

“It had been for sale for more than two years on a confidential basis. We were calmly and calmly looking for investors. Then came the pandemic and things were in ‘stand by’. However, there was someone who put it up. [a notícia] in Forbes magazine. This triggered an entire communication that it is for sale for 28 million dollars, and from then on we were unable to control it”, Emílio Magalhães told “Jornal de Notícias”, referring that, following the publication, proposals from companies and individuals soared. and the sale of the property “might even be imminent.” There is a law firm mandated for this and we are evaluating a proposal”, he added.

The Palácio da Brejoeira, formerly Quinta do Vale da Rosa, located in Pinheiros, Monção, belonged to Maria Hermínia d”Oliveira Paes, who died in 2015, aged 97. Emílio Magalhães is the main shareholder of the company that now owns it, which includes only more a second partner and manages the property. Explains the sale “as a matter of succession.” “The succession is complicated. For my part, I have daughters in other areas that were not predestined to continue and, for the other partner, this will not be in his options either. We jointly decided to sell the palace”, he said, expressing, however, the desire that the future owners of Brejoeira preserve “its tradition, prestige and notoriety. “What I most wanted was for them to continue. In my opinion, that has all the conditions to be a charming hotel”, he stressed.

The majestic palace was given to the previous owner, Hermínia Paes, by her father in 1937. It was the latter who, for the first time, planted the Alvarinho grape, in the 60s, on the property. The first wine “Alvarinho Palácio da Brejoeira” came to market in 1976.


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