News – Mondial 2026 – Lausanne plans to go to court

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Swiss candidate

To say that we are angry on the Lausanne side is a no-brainer. As we already mentioned a few weeks ago, the co-organizer of the 2020 World Cup with Zurich would hardly appreciate the fact of not being selected again for the next Swiss edition (see also our news).

However, the Swiss bid – the only one with the Kazahkstant for 2026 – seems to indicate a Zurich-Friborg ticket. According to 24 hours, Lausanne was informed shortly before Christmas that Freiburg’s candidacy for the World Championship was preferred over her own, but that she would have the possibility of hosting the tournament if Freiburg backed up.

On the Vaud side, we are strangling: It’s a matter of common sense, fair play and recognition of all the work done. supports Patrice Iseli, president of the local committee of the 2020 world championship, speaking about the attribution of the event to his city. Patrick de Preux, the president-lawyer of the LHC, goes even further: If this is the case, we reserve the right to appeal to any competent legal authority..

The CEO of Lausanne HC Chris Wolf specifies “that it should be known that there would be thirty matches in Lausanne. We are not even talking about the investment of 220 million for the construction of the Vaudoise arena. This is not a war against Friborg. We just find it abnormal to have been snubbed and not reconsidered. We believe that we are entitled to this World Cup. “

The SIHF will nominate its host cities theoretically by the end of the month.


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