News | Health pass, vaccination of caregivers: the League against cancer satisfied

By La Provence (with AFP)

Extension of the health pass and compulsory vaccination for caregivers “make it possible to limit the risks” du Covid-19 “for cancer patients”, welcomed Thursday the League against cancer.

“The League against cancer welcomes the decisions of the President of the Republic”, said the association in a press release, three days after the announcements made by Emmanuel Macron.

“Since the introduction of the vaccine against Covid-19, the League against cancer has taken a position in favor of generalized vaccination, because of the potentially dramatic consequences of contamination for people with cancer, particularly in risk of developing severe forms “, she recalls.

“The vaccine against Covid-19 is our only weapon to limit the rebound of contaminations and protect the most vulnerable people, let’s use it!”, insists the president of the League, Daniel Nizri, who succeeded Axel Kahn, who died in early July after having himself fought against cancer.

The association also recalls that “frail people, including cancer patients, are eligible for vaccination against Covid-19 provided they have received the agreement of their healthcare team”.

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