News – Franches-Montagnes misses the final by very little

Swiss Cup

Franches-Montagnes eliminated in the semi-final

HC Franches-Montagnes – EHC Arosa: 0-2 (0-0, 0-1, 0-1)

Buts: 28’27 Salerno (Amstutz) 0-1, 59’58 Bandiera (Schommer / PP, empty cage) 0-2.

Franches-Montagnes: Hentzi (Nanchen); Erard, Taillard; Devesvre, Girardin; Bertrand, Kolly; Emery, Leu; Von Dach, Boehlen, Beuret; Tuffet, Müller, Grezet; Maillard, Siegrist, Boillat; Surdez, Guichard, Brahier. Coach: Baumann.

Arosa: Kruijsen (Kotry); Bahar, Salerno; Marzan, Carevic; Schöni, Ben Salem; Kunz, Bertoni; Schommer, Amstutz, Bandiera; Diezi, Tschudi, Arnicans; Krayem, Gyger, Misani; Scheuner, Schmuckli, Dietrich. Coach: Schrepfer.

Seeing the joy of Graubünden at the final siren, we quickly understood that they considered themselves happy survivors of a weekend in hell. The day before, their famous Arosa Ice Classic had filled their rink and the 7-2 loss to the SCL Tigers had clearly left some physical traces. Hence the difficulties in Graubünden, sometimes, in following the tempo set by the Taignons.

Played in Delémont, in front of more than 500 spectators, the game was much more balanced than expected. The Arosa players quickly understood, from the second minute … and the second penalty conceded, that they will have to work very hard to secure their place in the National Cup final. Match also quite physical Graubünden, condemned to toughen the game to contain their hosts. The first period also lasted nearly 45 minutes.

The big difference was undoubtedly made in the faculty to translate the scoring chances concretely. Because Franches-Montagnes was not lacking, but came up against the exceptional Gray goalkeeper Fabrice Kruijsen, last night, despite a few loose pucks.

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Franches-Montagnes can especially regret its ineffectiveness at 5 against 3. The team overused 1’17 ” in this situation in the 1st period then 2 minutes in the last third. In the meantime, Arosa had taken advantage of one of his periods of domination (the 2nd third still belonged to him) to take the advantage (Salerno, 29th) and not let go despite great pressure.

In the last third, the MySports League club only struggled for survival, but two seconds before the siren, Patrick Bandiera scored in the empty goal, after an interception by Marzan on the final offensive of Dany Baumann’s men. . In the whole game, Arosa might have been a little better, but the league difference by no means came to light. This is to the credit of the HCFM.



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