Newell's: Mansilla the best in the one by one victory

Newell's: Mansilla the best in the one by one victory

Holes (6): Covered an impressive goal ball at the end of the PT. He had doubts in some centers.

Mosquera (5): A lot of projection in attack, but with doubts in the setback.

Facundo Mansilla clears with everything before the rival charge, while Ditta watches.  Good game from the Newells defender.

Facundo Mansilla, of the doubts of playing a key goal for the victory of Newell’s

dominates her  She plays a lot on her back and tries to make it round.

Newell’s: In the Colossus it grows stronger and stronger

Ditta (5): A bad delivery that could end badly in the PT. Then he regained confidence.

Pittón (5): Mater projected himself a lot for his sector and almost never stopped him. She lacks in attack.

I. Gómez (5): From less to more. A weak PT, but he made a change of pace in the second.

Sforza (6): The regularity of always. Provides removal, distribution and vision of the game.

Ferreira (5): Participatory, good to associate and reach the rival area. It lacks resolution.

Deaf (5): Active at times, disappeared at others. He missed a clear one in the PT.

Recalde (5): He had a couple of situations and did not define well. He doesn’t look comfortable at 9.

Aguirre (6): The most dangerous. He finished off whenever he could and touched when he had to.

They entered:

P. Pérez (5.5): He entered to sleep the game and he did it. Newell’s was calmed by his presence.

Menéndez (5.5): He entered to define the match and ended up giving a hand in defense.

Reasco (4.5): Again imprecise in the definition. It didn’t go in well.


Coach Heinze (5.5): His team had to win and they did. He showed interesting moments but he lacks, especially in the definition.

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