New York is the first city in the United States to announce this type of requirement (Photo: EFE)

A federal judge in the city of Utica in the state of New York, David Hurd, sided with the 17 district medical workers who decided to sue the state for the mandatory vaccination rule that governs this region of the country. The plaintiffs requested that religious exceptions in the mandate and the judge considered that they are right. The law already provided medical exceptions.

“There is no adequate explanation about why are there suitable exceptions for those with medical situations, as indicated in section 2.61, that cannot be extended to those healthcare workers with sincere religious objections. The public interest lies in enforcing the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution and the Federal Law against Discrimination, ”Judge Hurd wrote in his verdict.

The judge’s decision implies that no medical worker can be put out of work for refusing to get vaccinated, if they have a religious explanation for why they don’t want to.

The governor of New York, the Democrat Kathy Hochul (Photo: EFE / Justin Lane)
The governor of New York, the Democrat Kathy Hochul (Photo: EFE / Justin Lane)

Several of the plaintiffs alleged that their religious convictions allow us to be inoculated with vaccines that were developed using embryonic cells obtained during abortion procedures, either during testing, production or development.

The state administration of the gobernadora Kathy Hochul At first, it required that medical workers in hospitals and clinics be vaccinated, but later expanded the mandate to those who work in nursing homes, treatment centers, and any type of medical office.

This measure led to In the last few weeks, 55,000 medical workers will receive the vaccine, but in New York state there are still 35,000 workers in this industry without being vaccinated who face the risk of being fired.

Those who had alleged religious objections were on leave until there was a definition. Now, with the judge’s verdict, the institutions must contemplate case by case, and if there are religious bases, they will have to be accepted.

The judge’s decision is a preliminary injunction that could change again.

All 17 plaintiffs are medical workers Catholics and Evangelists who are staunchly opposed to abortion. According to an investigation carried out by the University of California Los Angeles, the three vaccines approved in the US market, Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson, they used laboratory cells in their development. In Johnson & Johnson’s case, the origin of those lab cells can be traced to abortion-related cases, but this is unclear from the other two labs.

“The question is whether the summary enforcement of the law by the state conflicts with the right of the plaintiffs and others, protected by the federal government, to seek a religious accommodation from their employers. The answer is clearly yes”, Wrote the judge.

Governor Hochul has expressed on more than one occasion that Enforcing this vaccination mandate is critical, and a priority for your government, to prevent the spread of the virus.

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