New York – Shanghai in an hour?

The commercial space age seems to be here. This may not only include future short trips to orbit, but soon also overnight stays in space or long-distance travel in a large-capacity rocket.

In contrast to the past, the space race will from now on no longer only be driven by government agencies.

Virgin Galactic / Reuters

“The billionaires’ race into space” – the latest headlines about trips into space by private individuals like Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos can easily give the impression that a couple of super-rich adrenaline junkies are indulging in an exclusive adventure. But that is deceptive. It’s not about expensive hobbies, but about opening up the markets of the future. Fifty years after the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon, the new space enthusiasm is not primarily driven by curiosity or the urge to research, but by the prospect of new business models, enormous growth opportunities and, of course, the prospect of the associated profit.

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