New York Nursing Homes to Report Infections – NBC New York (47)

NEW YORK – Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation Wednesday that would require nursing homes to notify residents, as well as their family members and guardians, when an infection is detected inside the facility. It also requires facilities to have a plan to accommodate exposed or infected residents to stop the spread of infection.

“New Yorkers who live in nursing homes deserve the highest quality of care, and their families deserve to know that their loved ones are safe,” said Governor Hochul. “With this legislation, we will ensure that all facilities are prepared to protect residents from exposure after an infection is detected, while also improving communication to ensure that residents and family members are notified of the situation in a timely manner. This is a critical step to make sure nursing homes are taking the right steps to protect the most vulnerable New Yorkers.”

The legislation would expand the existing pandemic emergency plan to improve communication by requiring nursing homes to notify residents and their loved ones of an infection. It will also require facilities to prepare a plan or procedure for resident accommodation during an infectious disease outbreak, which will help ensure that each nursing home is ready and effectively protects residents in the event of an infection for your safety and the safety of others can post.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us much needed, yet very painful lessons. As a direct result of our 2020 hearings on nursing home safety, this legislation will ensure that these facilities are prepared when future infection threats arise and families of our sick and empowering the elderly. to make informed decisions about their care. We must never allow our residential care facilities to be shocked like this again,” said State Senator James Skoufis.

Among other past actions, in December 2021, the governor also signed a package of four laws to support long-term care facilities and provide assistance to the system. The legislation directed the Commissioner of Health to implement an infection inspection audit and checklist in nursing homes, enacted a series of reforms to the State’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and related programs to improve accessibility for residents of nursing homes and residential increase care facilities,

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