New York cries for Durant: “He has no heart”

The NBA market always causes earthquakes in the summer. Since 2010, with The decision of LeBron James leaving his native Cleveland for Miami, the earthquakes have hit the foundations of the League and have left more or less large and lasting cracks. However, this summer period seemed different, without much to cut between the big stars… until Kevin Durant, an expert in demolition, arrived with his request to leave the Brooklyn Nets.

It is not the first time that the small forward has played with his franchise. In 2016 he broke the heart of Oklahoma when he signed for the Golden State Warriors and in 2019 he left San Francisco in a bad way towards a Big Apple that he now wants to leave after only three seasons, two effective ones when the first one was seriously injured, and still four more years of contract for almost 193 million dollars: 43 million in the next season; 46.4 in 2023-24; 49.9 in 2024-25 and 53.3 for 2025-26. In the summer of 2026 he will be a free agent at the age of 38.

And after a fairly discreet step with the black shirt. KD has played just 90 of the 246 games played by the franchise since 2019. They have been to the playoffs twice.. In the first, in 2021, he was eliminated in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference by the Milwaukee Bucks (4-3) and in the second, last season, he had to access through the play in after a poor regular season to finish swept 4-0 by the Boston Celtics.

In short, a single round of the playoffs surpassed by 119.3 million dollars. This was underlined by The New York Post on its front page on Friday once his exit request was known, which the American newspaper titled with “The skinny guy has no heart”. Tell Oklahoma…

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But unlike OKC, the Nets are lucky to be able to get something out of a superstar who turns 34 on Sept. 29. They want a historical lootaccording to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, in both players and draft rounds. The Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns seem to be the candidates with an advantage, although their picks for the next few years are not very attractive: with or without Durant, both franchises are playoff fodder, so their selections will be closer to the second round than the lottery.



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