Yeti Cycles, a true pioneer in the mountain bike business, is breaking new ground and introducing the first eMTB: the Yeti SB160E. With 170/160 mm suspension travel, 29 ″ wheels and a modern geometry, Yeti wants to score points with sporty pilots. Shortly before the market launch, the Yeti / Fox Factory team already started at the Specialized EWS-E in Crans-Montana (Switzerland) with their new eMTBs from Yeti and showed a strong performance. We have all the information about the new Yeti SB160E.

Yeti Cycles from Colorado has been manufacturing mountain bikes in the USA since 1985 and is considered a true pioneer in this segment. Yeti steel frames have absolute cult status, the products are surrounded by all sorts of myths and legends, fans almost adore the brand – and Yeti will be introducing an eMTB in 2021. Finally!

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Yeti SB160E – novelty 2022

Info and prices

With the new Yeti SB160E, the MTB pioneer Yeti Cycles from the USA presents a long-stroke, modern e-mountain bike with a straightforward carbon frame and Shimano EP8 motor system.

Usually, the carbon frames from Yeti in the C-series (carbon) and T-series (Turq) differ in different carbon layups, similar to Santa Cruz with their C and CC versions. With the Yeti e-bikes, however, both carbon frames are identical – along with the complete motor system (Shimano EP8 and 630 Wh battery) – that is, only the equipment differs here, but not the layup of the carbon frame.

The rear end of the Yeti SB160E comes with the exclusive Sixfinity platform, for which Yeti has already applied for a patent – the first prototype of the Sixfinity platform was developed in 2016 – and can be changed in the progression using a flip chip. Sixfinity allows you to change the progression of the rear triangle without affecting the geometry and anti-squat. Yeti SB160E frames are available with three levels of leverage. The standard setting is 30% and ensures a balanced driving behavior. The 25% position is selected for a more linear driving experience and the 35% position for a more positive driving experience (this setting is also ideal for a steel spring damper).

# Yeti designed the rear triangle so that you can vary the progression without changing the geometry – 35, 30, 25% Progression (vlnr)

2022 YetiCycles 160E Detail 6Bar Drive
# 2022 YetiCycles 160E Detail 6Bar Drive

2022 YetiCycles 160E Detail Mud Guard
# 2022 YetiCycles 160E Detail Mud Guard
2022 YetiCycles 160E Detail Cable Non Drive
# 2022 YetiCycles 160E Detail Cable Non Drive

The lower damper eye can be mounted in three different positions and gives the user the choice of which progression they want to use. Fast enduro riders probably use the foremost setting with 25% progression, because here the chassis is more linear and designed for efficiency. If you like it particularly plush, mount the damper in the rearmost position and use 35% progression. In the middle position there is then 30%, which is probably the optimal setting for 75% of all e-bikers.

  • Frame material Carbon
  • Suspension travel 170 mm (front) / 160 mm (rear)
  • Impeller size 29″
  • particularities Rear triangle with adjustable progression (25/30/35%)
  • Frame sizes S, M, L, XL
  • max. Systemgewicht 130 kg
  • Motor Shimano Steps EP8
  • Battery capacities 630 Wh
  • Available from October 2021
  • Price (RRP) from € 10,999

If you like the Yeti-typical turquoise-yellow paintwork, we have to disappoint you. In the 2022 model year, the Yeti SB160E will only be available in turquoise and rhino. The stylish turquoise-yellow paintwork is reserved exclusively for team riders, at least for the first model year.

Yeti SB160E prices (RRP)

Yeti SB160E C1 10.999 € | Yeti SB160E T1 13.799 €

Yeti SB160E T1 in gray with a matte finish
# Yeti SB160E T1 in gray with a matte finish

Yeti SB160E T1 in turquoise with a glossy finish
# Yeti SB160E T1 in turquoise with a glossy finish

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Yeti SB160E: Finally an eMTB from Yeti!

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