New Year’s attacks in Piazza Duomo: 18 young people searched in Milan and Turin – The video

In these hours, searches are underway between Milan and Turin against 18 people who are believed to be involved in various ways in the sexual assaults of young girls, at least nine, in Piazza Duomo in the Lombard capital on New Year’s Eve. This is learned from a note from the State Police which is carrying out the operations coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and by the one at the Juvenile Court of Milan. According to initial information it would be 3 boys minors e 15 adults, Italians and foreigners. According to the note, it was possible to ascertain three different episodes of violence consumed that night against nine girls present in the square for the celebrations. Investigators searched the images of the surveillance systems, heard various witnesses and the victims themselves. The cameras, therefore, and the use of sophisticated tracking systems such as facial software (Sari), to compare the recognizable faces from road and safety cameras with those of the social networks on which the next day some boys had commented, and with AFIS (the law enforcement identification system) for those with precedents. A work that led to the identification of 15 children of age and 3 minors, aged between 15 and 21, both foreigners and Italians of North African origin, who, for various reasons, are believed to have participated in the New Year’s raids.

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