The Playstation 5 has been available since November last year. So far only in theory. Because thanks to supply chain problems and production difficulties, it is still almost nowhere available. Even if, with our help, you have the chance to get hold of one of the much sought-after consoles again in July. All those owners who have been lucky enough to praise the new one above all DualSenseController. And also Xbox boss Phil Spencer should be no exception.

In a new podcast he has now heard in high tones about the features and benefits of the PS5-Controllers raved about it. He also emphasizes that future Xbox hardware will benefit from the innovations of the new DualSense-Controllers could learn:

“We’re definitely thinking about a variety of ways we can bring more games to more players […] There are probably a few things we will do on the controller. I think Sony did a great job with their controller and we look at this and think there are things we should be doing too. “

Although Phil Spencer If he did not go into more detail about which features he was talking about, he could probably refer to the haptic feedback. The Dualsense uses a new system with which the trigger allows an even more immersive gaming experience. For example, heavy weapons in Resident Evil Village can only be fired with greater pressure on the trigger. A system that Xbox controllers would also benefit from.

Does the Xbox Series X get more tactile feedback? Phil Spencer is definitely impressed by the DualSense controller on the PS5. – (C) Microsoft

However, since the Xbox Series X / S are not even a year old, there’s probably no chance of an improved controller coming soon. For now, anyway.