The New World Open Beta launches today at 4 p.m., via Steam. Game client access requests and pre-download procedures are available on Valve’s platform.

While waiting for the launch of New World scheduled for September 28, the MMORPG ofAmazon Game Studios must be revealed during an open beta – which takes the form of load tests aimed at ensuring that the servers will be able to accommodate the flow of players.

While waiting for the test servers to open (today at 4 p.m. Paris time and until Monday, September 13 at 8:59 a.m.), the open beta is activated on Steam: the curious are already invited to claim their access to the open beta on the New World Steam page and can especially already start downloading the 37 GB of the game client – for some players, you obviously have to configure your Steam account to validate participation in the beta -test (via the Steam> Settings> Account> Beta participation> Change> Beta participation: Steam Beta update menus), in order to be able to initiate the pre-download of the game client.

As a reminder, this open beta aims in particular to test the stability of the servers. According to the developer, players can therefore expect queues before accessing the game servers, especially since the capacity of this open beta is less than that planned for the launch of the MMORPG at the end of the game. month.
As part of this open beta, testers are not subject to any confidentiality clause (NDA) and can therefore freely share their feelings or images and videos of their gaming experiences. will not be kept for the commercial launch of New World.


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