New video shows details of the fights and opponents in After the Fall / Play Experience

Vertigo Games has released a new video as part of the PS-VR Spotlight event, which gives a look behind the scenes of the upcoming VR game After the Fall. After the Fall, which is planned for the Oculus Quest, PlayStation-VR and PC-VR platforms, is a VR action FPS with a focus on an intense four-player co-op experience. Players team up in cross-platform multiplayer and fight for survival in a hostile, freezing dystopian world.

After the Fall is set in the frozen remains of an alternate Los Angeles of the 1980s, where the use of experimental substances designed to make people more resilient to the new Ice Age instead spawned the cruelly mutated, undead Snowbreeds. Twenty years later, humanity has been driven underground and its survival now depends on the Harvest Runners – survivors brave enough to venture into the snowbreeds-infested, frozen wasteland to bring back vital supplies. Equipped with full VR motion control, After the Fall players feel like an overpowering action hero from the 1980s: With realistic movements, devastating weapons are used in such a way that even the most experienced VR players will be delighted.

After the Fall will be available for Oculus Quest, PlayStation-VR and PC-VR in summer 2021.

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