Dhe developers of the German Corona warning app have released a new version of the application that eliminates the technical problems on Apple’s iPhone. This was announced by the software group SAP and Deutsche Telekom on Saturday evening. On the Apple iOS operating system, the warning app had constantly exchanged anonymous codes with other users as promised, but the warning about dangerous encounters was not given in the background, but only when the app was actively open.

Similar problems arose with certain Android smartphones. The cause was an energy saving mode that deviated from the Android standard, which could have greatly restricted or even deactivated the background update for some devices.

The Apple operating system iOS on the iPhone did not always carry out the background update regularly, according to the two companies. The development team found a way to work around the operating system-related restrictions on Saturday until Apple solved the system problem itself, the message says. To do this, users must update to version 1.1.2. make. To fully activate the update, users would then have to call up the app once. “This also applies if a smartphone has been switched off for a long time.” An update of the Robert Koch Institute’s Corona Warning app has been available to Android users for several days.

After the technical problems with the Corona warning app, criticism of the federal government had grown louder. The German Patient Protection Foundation called for information from Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) on Saturday. The app is an important building block to keep the corona virus in check, said board member Eugen Brysch of the German press agency. “Now the contact check on more and more smartphones should only work incompletely. That worries over 15 million users. “

The deputy chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Michael Theurer, also fears that the necessary trust in the app could be damaged. He demanded: “After this breakdown series, the federal government must ensure transparency and provide app users, the public and Parliament with prompt and comprehensive information.”

The Corona warning app should continue to run in the background and update data even when it is not open. If there was an encounter with a person who later tested positive for the corona virus, the cell phone should actually actively notify the owner of the increased risk with a notification.

The FDP politician Theurer advocated a communication campaign to regain trust and convince people of the benefits of the app to combat the virus. In addition, the government must ensure that the technical problems are quickly resolved on all devices and operating systems. “Finally, I ask the federal government to develop solutions for older smartphones and for the networked application of the app all over Europe,” said Theurer of the German press agency.

The Corona warning app is designed to help track and interrupt infection chains. It can also help people to get their test results digitally as quickly as possible after a corona virus test and can anonymously warn potential contacts via the app if they have installed the app. The app has now been downloaded 16.2 million times.