New UNUSUAL MBA: Challenging traditional executive education

New UNUSUAL MBA: Challenging traditional executive education

In a rapidly changing world, leadership training is essential. However, a study by the Harvard Business Review indicates that 58% of employees feel that they lack it. Faced with this worrying situation, the UNUSUAL MBA was born, a program that breaks with the mold, promising training not only in business management, but also in leadership in the face of uncertainty and change.

Under the slogan “what you will never learn in a business school”, the UNUSUAL MBA distances itself from conventional programs, focusing on the training of 21st century leaders. While traditional programs teach about business management, This program focuses on personal transformation for innovative leadership.

Pere Rosales, Program Director, explains: “Many business schools have been offering excellent management programs for decades, but they do not effectively address the development of leaders who inspire their teams and organizations.” After four years of design and testing, with more than 100 graduates, the UNUSUAL MBA emerges as a program premium that combines advanced methodologies from world-renowned universities, promising a transformative experience for its participants.

Adapted to people who work

The program offers flexibility in dedication time, and its methodology Onlife* prioritizes learning in real work situations. In addition, it highlights the Unusual Club, that generates a feeling of belonging from the beginning of the program, encouraging collaborative learning.

“This is not going to repeat the traditional. It’s going to be unusual,” says Rosales.

The presentation of the UNUSUAL MBA will be on Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. CET, and can be accessed through this link.

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UNUSUAL MBA is a cutting-edge program focused on personal and professional transformation, preparing leaders to face future challenges.

Unusual It has offices in Barcelona and Boston. It has trained thousands of professionals from leading companies. His methodology Onlife* integrates development programs into the day-to-day of professionals, aspiring to train leaders with whom everyone wants to work.

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