Google has released a new feature for the Pixel smartphone range. However, this could quickly lead to confusion among users. Because, as the company reveals on a support page, the Pixel smartphone now refuses to charge under certain conditions. Google wants to protect the battery of the devices and extend the life of the smartphones.

The pixel stops at 80 percent battery charge if users charge the device continuously for more than four days. In addition, the restriction applies if the device is continuously charged for a short period of time, but the load on the battery is high. This is the case, for example, when you play games on your smartphone or watch videos in full screen. Even then, the message “Optimizing the battery condition” appears.

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This state is automatically resolved if none of the above conditions are met. The Pixel smartphone can then be fully charged as normal. If you forget your device on the charging cable, disconnect the smartphone and restart it. Then wait about ten minutes and the status should go away. The pixel can then be loaded as normal.

The new feature has been applied to all Pixel 3 and newer models. Although the scenarios mentioned are only likely to apply to a few Pixel users, the almost secret change by Google could cause confused users.

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