The Dutch company will launch a test next week that can detect corona and flu. According to CEO Patrick de Boer, many employers prefer to err on the side of caution.

The number of sniffling and coughing people is increasing and both the number of corona infections and the number of flu cases are rising. The numbers are expected to rise even further and there are fears of a flu wave later this year. Companies have already tested for corona, but now employers can also test for flu. And many of them are only too happy to take those tests, claims De Boer. “Many employers have seen what happens with a virus, whatever the flu is, if you don’t take measures. It spreads around and causes many sick people, they want to prevent further loss. Especially now that there is a shortage on the labor market and the corona figures are also rising again, the health of the employee has become even more important.”

De Boer: ,,Many of my customers still ‘screen’ broadly in the workplace, especially because they are not sure who has been vaccinated and who has not. Some do that every week. They want to be ahead of all possible scenarios.” According to De Boer, there is even demand for the flu shot and employers want to make it available to their employees before the flu season really starts.


Many companies go over the edge when it comes to employee safety. Last month, Ticketmaster, among others, was still under fire because they asked their employees to hand over a vaccination certificate upon arrival. This is against the rules, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment ruled. Although the ministry cannot do anything against these types of companies, because the situation is not laid down in law.

According to De Boer, it remains to be seen how companies will use the tests and it is also up to them what the ethical choice is. “You still have control over your own body. However, some companies like to have the disease picture in order in their company. Hence the combination test in which you can detect both corona and flu.”

One stick

With the new test, which at 79 euros is slightly more expensive than a regular PCR test, it can be determined with a single stick whether someone has corona or the flu or neither. Because many of the symptoms of flu and colds also occur with corona, RIVM urges people to simply do a corona test.

Testing for different viruses is not new, however. In hospitals it has been done for years in patients with a reduced resistance.

How can you recognize the flu and colds?

What about the flu and cold? For many people it takes some getting used to, because do those symptoms indicate the flu, cold, or corona?

They are all not very different from each other, but there are some indications that you can use as a guideline in case of complaints. For example, a cold will always start with a runny nose and a flu will always start with chills. With both a cold and the flu you can have an increase, if it is lighter with a cold than with the flu. Furthermore, with a cold you can suffer from a sore throat, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, headache, watery eyes and you can be slightly tired.

With the flu, you also suffer from headaches, a sore throat and a runny nose, but the fever is heavier, for example. In addition, you have painful and stiff limbs and muscles, you are quickly out of breath, you generally have a poor or reduced appetite and you are very tired.

What’s the fastest way to get rid of it?

Since fewer people had the flu or a cold last year due to the lockdown, it takes some getting used to what your body wants when it is felled by these viruses. Most importantly, rest and drink plenty of water, tea, or juice. You can also relieve the worst symptoms with paracetamol, nasal spray, inhalation ointment or cough syrup. If the flu lasts longer than two weeks, it is a good idea to visit your doctor.

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