The ground staff of Iberia del Prat convenes new days of stoppages on the 24th, 25th, 30th and 31st of August. The workers in charge of moving the passengers by the tracks so that they arrive at the airplane or to transfer the luggage are mobilized to demand labor improvements and to be manifested before "the passivity" of the company that contract them.

As reported yesterday by the UGT, the business committee has responded to the request of the Ministry of Labor to try to open negotiations with the management of the company. Even so, workers mobilized, during these two weeks Iberia has not submitted any new proposals to meet the demands of the staff or improve their working conditions.

The company replied yesterday that the contract transformations that are claimed can not be negotiated locally in Barcelona. In addition, he detailed that there have been three meetings with the workers and that they have been made an offer. "It is not understood that new stops are called for, and more in full operation back," Iberia regretted.

On the last weekend, the ground crew of the airline made a similar strike – on July 27 and 28 – the strike caused 143 flights to be canceled. Most of them were Vueling, who managed to redistribute 90% of the affected passengers. The rest, from British Airways and Turkish Airlines. In all three cases, the cancellations affected both outbound and arrival flights, as the three airlines were out of the flight regime protected by the minimum services.

The demands, in this new call, remain the same: to end the lack of personnel and to give stability to the staff. Also solve the excess workload, avoid the abuse of mandatory overtime and reorganize the lathes.

The committee also asked the administration to institute Iberia Barcelona to provide the airport of the Prat with means, "like those that have airports of the same characteristics", with reference to Madrid.

In parallel, the strike of those responsible for security control at the Barcelona airport is still active. Although staying without causing many incidents, yesterday, fifth day of mobilization, the strike committee presented two demands for Labor Inspection and the Court of the Prat de Llobregat.

The strike at Trablisa, at the courts

In the first, they have denounced Trablisa – a concessionaire company – to transfer personnel from other airports to Barcelona and minimize the effects of the strike. They have also claimed that the company give them information on the follow-up of the arrest, to review the rests of the personnel and the "pressure" that the Civil Guard would carry out. Genoveva Sierra, president of the center committee, told ACN that this first complaint is, for practical purposes, an extension of the one they announced last week.

The second complaint was presented yesterday at the Prat court to request images of video surveillance cameras. "We need to show that people do not invest anything," said the committee. And to verify, he added, that the company "violates" the rights of strikers and "violates" the bidding contract that Aena adjudged to the company in 2018.

Vueling canceled 112 flights this weekend in Barcelona for the Iberia personnel strike

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