New storms on the way – here it is on Saturday – weather

Heavy thunderstorms devastated parts of Tyrol and Carinthia on Friday. Relaxation is not yet in sight on Saturday. On the contrary!

There is a risk of severe weather in Austria again. After the violent thunderstorms on Friday, which triggered floods and mudflows in Tyrol and Carinthia with torrential rain and caused hundreds of fire brigade operations, things are unstable on Saturday.

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Especially on the northern side of the Alps, showers and thunderstorms are frequent in the beginning. In the south the sun shines first, before thunderstorms break out here as well during the course of the day, according to the forecast of the weather experts, there is a risk of severe weather.

It remains friendly for the longest time in Burgenland and in the extreme north-east, but here too the risk of thunderstorms increases over the course of the day. A brisk north-west wind blows in the east,”during thunderstorms you have to expect local gusts of wind,” warns the UWZ storm center.

More storms are imminent

Am The risk of showers and thunderstorms over the mountains remains elevated on Sunday, while away from the Alps increasingly sunny weather sets in again. Monday is unstable, especially in the southern half, due to a low-pressure trough over northern Italy. In the north and west, High Oscar will ensure longer periods of sunshine.

The forecast in detail

Of the Sunday starts with a lot of clouds, isolated showers. In the course of the day, showers and thunderstorms will develop again from Vorarlberg via Tyrol and Salzburg to western Upper Styria and Upper Carinthia. The sun comes out here at most from time to time, in the south-east and east, on the other hand, it even appears frequently with an increasingly friendly mix of sun and clouds, and that with summery temperatures.

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Am Montag you have to expect rain showers and local thunderstorms again and again, especially in the central and eastern mountains and in the south-east. In between, the sun usually only appears in between, it gets a little more sunny with only a low tendency to shower in the Rhine Valley and in the Danube region. In the afternoon the showers will become less frequent and the clouds will loosen up more and more.

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