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High-level names from Turkey, Sweden and Finland attended the trilateral summit, which was prepared by the private pen of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. After the meetings held at NATO headquarters in Brussels, NATO’s statement stated that the talks were “constructive” and that new meetings would take place, while some sources included new details.

Despite trying to overcome the problems ahead of the traditional NATO summit to be held in Madrid next week, the union has, however, failed to make any progress in these talks so far. Speaking to the media outlet Al-Monitor, some sources said that the Turkish delegation did not back down on Sweden and Finland. Sources said that Turkey asked Sweden and Finland to stop supporting YPG, the extension of the terrorist organization PKK. On the other hand, it was also stated that the emphasis was placed on the fight against the terrorist organization FETO and cooperation with these two countries was requested.


According to the news in Sözcü, it was stated that İbrahim Kalın, the head of the Turkish delegation, did not see the NATO summit in Madrid as a deadline. A source told Al-Monitor, “The Turkish authorities have not provided a clear perspective for membership and it is likely that the outcome will not be reached in Madrid. It was expected that Sweden and Finland would attend the summit and the membership of these two countries would be ratified by 30 countries. said.

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