Baierbrunn (ots) – Shortly before World AIDS Day on December 1st, launched by the WHO in 1988, the new episode of the podcast “Siege der Medizin” of the pharmacies Umschau deals with the relatively young history of HIV and AIDS. Exactly 40 years ago, an unknown clinical picture was discovered in the USA, which was later called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) – a lot has happened since then. Actor Ulrich Noethen and the expert Dr. Gunnar Urban explain in radio play style about a disease that is now effectively treatable in Europe; but stigma remains a common problem.

“I would wish each and every one of my patients that he or she can simply say: ‘Yes, I have this infection’ – without worrying about being stupidly looked at.” But it’s not that far yet, says Dr. Gunnar Urban, who works in Berlin in a practice specializing in HIV, AIDS, infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. Because the stigmatization of HIV-positive people still plays a major role today, 40 years after the disease was discovered – although we now know so much more about it. It was called “gay disease” in the early 1980s; people were unsure of the routes of transmission. And the podcast fans get to feel that firsthand: Ulrich Noethen takes the listeners with him on a taxi ride in the 1990s. When the driver learns that his guest is HIV-positive, he doesn’t even want to touch his 20 Mark note!

At that time, the drugs were not yet fully developed either: They had significant side effects and – due to the development of resistance of the virus – were no longer effective after a short time. But their development progressed rapidly, the breakthrough: antiretroviral protease inhibitors, which came onto the market in the late 1990s. “All of a sudden, people were able to live with HIV,” says Dr. Urban. A huge step forward, because an estimated 36.3 million people have died as a result of AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic. In developing countries, death is often inevitable. Almost 700,000 people died of AIDS worldwide in 2019, 37.7 million lived with an HIV infection in 2020.

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Today the routes of transmission are known and the therapies are effective – one tablet contains all the necessary substances and then unfolds, according to Dr. Urban, “a highly active antiviral effect”. In the meantime, even short-term therapies can prevent infection after a potential infection, and prophylactic measures are also possible – for example for couples in which one partner is HIV-positive and the other negative.

“It’s amazing what is possible and we can treat the really serious infectious disease, which inevitably leads to death without therapy, so effectively that the patients are actually no longer patients.” At least in Europe – in the podcast the listeners also travel to Africa and learn about the problems there. And why in these regions there is often not only a lack of the right medication – but a great deal more.

“Victories of Medicine” at a glance

The podcast revolves around the greatest medical achievements – told in an exciting and vivid manner by actor Ulrich Noethen. In addition to experts, Noethen lets the story have its own say and takes the listeners on a journey through time to the respective situations and locations of the medical-historical milestones. With radio play-like dialogues, expert voices as well as an outstanding, sparingly used sound design consisting of music and reduced noise effects, the podcast combines information transfer with goosebumps while listening and turns medical history into a special listening experience. This is well received by the listeners: With 157,300 views and a top position in the Apple charts for health podcasts (as of October 24th: 15th place) and the Spotify health podcast charts (as of October 24th: place 27), the format belongs to the audience favorites.

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“Siege der Medizin” comes out every two weeks from, the audio offer of the pharmacy Umschau. “Siege der Medizin” is also available free of charge wherever there are podcasts, e.g. on Spotify ( or Apple Podcasts ( / podcast / siege-der -medizin-der-medical-historical-podcast / id1585618787).

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The upcoming topics and dates

Episode 7 (December 8th) Chemotherapy

Episode 8 (December 22nd) Birth Control Pills

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