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Created on January 22, 2023 | 10:19

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Landeshauptmann Doskozil announces a new citizen service: In the future, all 171 Burgenland municipalities will be represented on the platform.

Burgenland’s municipalities will soon be able to offer their citizens a service that is unique in this form: under the leadership of the state, all Burgenland’s municipalities will be represented on the platform.

The web-based service, in which lost objects are recorded electronically and can therefore be returned more easily to their owners if they are found, is already in use in 500 municipalities across Austria, and is currently being used by ten municipalities nationwide.

The participation of an entire federal state is a novelty in Austria. “The nationwide rollout of this modern service, which is important for citizens, brings many advantages. In this way, we make it easier for communities to add an additional element to their range of services.

In addition, the joint entry for our municipalities via access from the state is significantly cheaper than it would be the case on their own,” states Governor Hans Peter Doskozil.

The lost and found platform makes it easier for citizens to get lost items back. In the event of loss, those affected can search online in a central find database and also create a digital loss report.

This enables the responsible lost and found authorities to notify the owners as soon as their lost item has been found. According to the platform, with the help of, around 100,000 lost items can be handed over to their owners every year. Across Austria, 500 municipalities, including all provincial capitals, are already present on the find platform.

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In just a few weeks, all 171 Burgenland municipalities can be represented on the networked platform and take advantage of this solution, which is coordinated by the state and is unique in Germany. Information in detail should be available in the coming days.

Not every municipality concludes the user contract for for itself, but rather the state on behalf of all municipalities. Access to the fund platform for the municipalities is financed from needs allocation funds. The ten Burgenland municipalities that already work with are also to be integrated into the Burgenland fund platform.

The lost property office software Nova Find is to be used in Burgenland. It is already used by German and Swiss lost and found offices. The offer package also includes the possibility of basic and follow-up training for those employees who are to work with the software on the part of the municipalities.

Large companies such as ÖBB and Vienna Airport also manage their lost property via the online platform. At the Burgenland level, the governor also wants to involve important partners such as hospitals, transport companies and the hotel industry in the central fund management. was developed by the international software company RUBICON IT GmbH based in Vienna. PSC Public Software & Consulting GmbH, which specializes in IT solutions for public administration, has been the sales and service partner for since 2014.



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