New restrictions linked to Covid-19: Towards maintaining sports competitions – Ligue 1

INFO LE FIGARO – The Ministry of Sports is working to maintain sports competitions in the event of an extension of the curfew or re-containment.

The lessons of the brutal lowering of the curtain imposed in the spring by the government on French sport and its disastrous consequences have perhaps been learned. According to our information, the Ministry of Sports is working to “preserve the competitions” in the event of a new use of confinement or extension of the curfew. While Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex are studying the possibility of a national response after having considered acting locally in areas on maximum alert, professional athletes should be able to continue their activities throughout the territory.

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Avenue de France, it is considered that it is “essential for the athletes to continue to train and to confront each other”. Translation, the will is that matches and competitions continue, including in a new situation of containment. A trend confirmed by someone close to Emmanuel Macron with The team this Tuesday evening: “There is no scenario in which we would consider it essential to have to interrupt or suspend professional sport. Professional sport will continue regardless of the scenario chosen in terms of restrictions and health protocol. “

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In the event of a deterioration in the health situation and direct consequences on the holding of matches and calendars, it will be “up to the leagues and federations to rethink or modify the terms and regulations of the championships”, we are told at the ministry. sports. If we are therefore moving towards maintaining sporting events, closed doors, on the other hand, will prevail in the event of an extension and extension of the curfew or the establishment of stricter confinement. A new blow for the clubs most dependent on “stadium revenues”, especially those of the Top 14. While the Ministry of Sports studied the possibility of “relative gauges” – beyond the 5,000 people authorized for any sporting gathering and cultural – in order to increase the reception capacity of certain speakers, everything is put on hold. “This will only be possible after coming out of this difficult period”, we slip into the entourage of Roxana Maracineanu.