New recall for known hypertensive drug, check the lot

New voluntary recall for a hypertensive drug by a pharmaceutical company, Zentiva, which has withdrawn a batch of its Irbesartan Zen.

In a note, the company Zentiva, announced the recall of a lot IRBESARTAN ZEN*28CPR 150MG – AIC 041974078. It is about:

  • number FT074 exp. 6/2023

The drug is therefore no longer salable and the company DHL Supply Chain SpA is taking care of the withdrawal from the pharmacies of all the packages bearing this lot.

Irbesartan Zentiva is indicated not only for the treatment of essential arterial hypertension but also in renal disease for adult hypertensive patients with type 2 diabetes as part of an antihypertensive drug treatment.

If you take this drug, check the lot and if it matches the one reported, do not use it.

Only a few days ago a maxi recall of drugs for high blood pressure, in that case of the Sanofi company, withdrawn as a precaution due to impurities beyond the permitted limits. Read also: Maxi drug recall for high blood pressure: they contain impurities above the limits, all batches

And in general, it’s certainly not a good time for hypertensive drugs. Recently, in fact, we have also reported the withdrawal decided by AIFA of another Zentiva drug, Losartan, of which 7 lots were recalled from the market in October. Read also: Aifa withdraws well-known drug against hypertension: check the batches that have impurities

Losartan was also the center of attention after the recall of Losartan of Teva Italia Srl last July and Losartan di Sandoz at the end of September.

In those cases the recalls were due to “impurities” in the active principle not specified by AIFA (but for the French health authority it was chlorine azide, a substance with not yet known effects on health).

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