New rape allegations against ex-boxer Mike Tyson

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Plaintiff wants $5 million

In the early 1990s, the former world boxing champion was sentenced to six years in prison for rape.


NEW YORK – Former world boxing champion Mike Tyson has been accused of rape again. A New York state woman filed a lawsuit against Tyson, according to court documents released Tuesday (local time). He raped her in a limousine in the early 1990s. The plaintiff demands five million dollars (almost 4.6 million euros) from the former sports star, her identity was not made public.

According to the documents, the plaintiff stated that she met Tyson in a nightclub at the time. She followed him to his limousine, where he attacked and raped her. She suffered “physical, psychological and emotional pain” that she still suffers today. Tyson did not initially respond to the allegations.

Born in 1966 and notorious for his heavy punches throughout his career, Tyson is considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxers in history. However, he repeatedly made negative headlines and got into trouble with the law. In 1992 he was sentenced to six years in prison for raping a Miss Black America contestant; the last three years were suspended on probation. (APA/AFP)

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