New photo with baby bump and pregnancy update

Gülcan Kamps is pregnant. After the announcement by means of a picture and meaningful hashtags last weekend, the TV presenter is now addressing her fans again.

Photo series with 19 pictures

The former Viva presenter shared on Sunday a picture of yourself with a baby bump on Instagram and announced via hashtags that she is “happy”, “pregnant” and “already in love”. No more words were needed. Now she shares another photo in which she looks more than satisfied. There is a somewhat longer text on this.

The new snapshot shows Gülcan Kamps with sunglasses on his nose and a broad grin lying on a lounger under a parasol. The baby bump is hard to see at first glance, because the 38-year-old has wrapped it in black and gold patterned trousers. But if you look closely, you will definitely see the bulge in the middle of the body of the celebrities.

“Just Overwhelmed”

In her comment on the picture, Kamps expresses her gratitude for all the warm congratulations on her pregnancy. “I’m just overwhelmed by your love and all the wonderful comments. Thank you very much you dear people for the sweet congratulations,” she writes.

Then she goes into how she feels. She explains: “I am doing wonderfully at the moment in contrast to the first three months of my pregnancy. Like many expectant mothers, I had to struggle with nausea every day and 24 hours.” Fortunately, that is now over, says Kamps.

Gülcan Kamps, who became known as a presenter on the music channel Viva by the surname Karahanci from 2003, married the entrepreneur’s son Sebastian Kamps on TV in 2007. In 2012 the participant was in “Let’s Dance”.