New mystery revealed – player finds hidden door

NieR: Automata fans become amateur detectives: A player found a hidden door that leads to a mysterious church. The community is now trying to solve the mystery.

Sometimes you’re not quite sure whether it’s really a previously undiscovered detail of the game or whether the developers want to fool their fans. After all, the “last secret” of NieR: Automata was revealed almost two years ago.

Clever PR or real Easter Egg? NieR: Automata fans keep guessing

A few weeks ago, user sadfutago asked the game’s subreddit about how to usually reach the “Church” in NieR: Automata. The post received little attention, but when the user posted screenshots and a short cellphone clip of the previously unknown area, the community suddenly took an interest in sadfutago’s discovery.

From then on, the situation became more and more confusing and in the meantime even some well-known names intervened to solve the mystery of the well-hidden church. The well-known modder and dataminer Lance McDonald, who was able to unravel the game’s supposed “last secret” a while ago, appeared visibly confused on Twitter. He firmly denied that the church sadfutago could reach through a door in the Copied City was a modified version of the game files. According to him, sadfutago is the only person on the planet who has entered the area so far.

But that’s not all: Even NieR: Replicant developer Yosuke Saito spoke up, albeit briefly. He retweeted the ominous clip with the words “Eternal mystery…”, shortly afterwards he commented on a news post and hinted that it could be a joke by NieR director Yoko Taro. While half of the community continues to try to solve the mystery, the other half now suspects nothing more than a clever marketing ploy behind the campaign. As evidence, they cite, among other things, contradictory comments by Reddit user sadfutago.

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References to PR stunts intensify

While church explorer sadfutago’s rather strange reactions can still be attributed to a possible language barrier, the NieR: Automata community is finding more and more potential evidence of a sophisticated PR stunt. Translated, the name of the user means “sad twins”, i.e. “sad twins”: A symbolism that appears again and again in Taros games. Additionally, the user’s reddit account is only a month old, and since then he’s only been posting on popular and lesser-known NieR: Automata subforums.

If you consider that NieR: Automata will soon appear in the “The End of YoRHa” edition for the Nintendo Switch, which Yosuke Saito also explicitly links to in one of his answers, it could well be a creative one act as a form of viral marketing. So it remains to be seen whether more fans will be able to walk through the mysterious door in the future, or whether the developers have been completely taken in by the trap.



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