In 2020 Kia had subjected the Niro to a facelift, now the next generation of the SUV is announced with the first teaser images. The SUV will celebrate its premiere on November 25th. at the Seoul Mobility Show.

The design of the second Niro generation is based heavily on the Habaniro study presented at the New York Auto Show in 2019 – no wonder that the concept car bears the name of the new SUV in the designation.

New grill, new hood, new headlights

Of course, their upward-opening gull-wing doors do not make it into series production, and we also do not see the extremely narrow headlight slots on the new model. Nevertheless, the front light sources are smaller compared to the current model; the production model adopts the eye-catching daytime running lights from the study. The bonnet appears wider and protrudes further into the front fenders.

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Kia Habaniro Concept

Outlook on an electric SUV

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On the side of the Erlkönig, the slightly longer rear doors are noticeable. The upcoming Niro will have an enlarged wheelbase – it is currently 2.70 meters. The overhangs are shortened, and the C-pillar is given a different styling. While the roofline is unchanged, the new rear lights give the SUV a slightly more coupé-like appearance. As in the boomerang-style study, they stand upright and protrude far upwards.

More space in the interior of the new Niro

While the Kia Habaniro had a wide display that took up almost the entire width of the vehicle, the new generation Niro comes with a digital cockpit including a head-up display and a touchscreen in the center console including a UVO Connect telematics system. Overall, the interior should be designed with more noble materials and a focus on technology. The enlarged wheelbase also provides more space for passengers.

Like the current Niro, the upcoming model is also based on the “J-Eco” platform, on which the Hyundai Nexo and the Hyundai Ioniq are already based. It is questionable whether Hyundai will grant the all-electric E-Niro, which is also available again, the latest E-GMP platform (Electric-Global Modular Platform). The upcoming electric cars such as the Kia EV6 or the Hyundai Ioniq 5 are based on it. Then the E-Niro could also be added with a new name to the EV series.

Is there a sports version with a hybrid coming?

In addition to the battery-electric stainless steel, the Koreans are again offering the crossover SUV as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid. On the sporty side, the PHEV drive from the Sorento would come into question in the Niro. Together with a 1.6 liter gasoline engine and an e-motor as well as a 13.8 kWh battery, this generates 265 hp.

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As soon as the Kia has been facelifted, the Koreans are already testing the new, second generation of the crossover SUV. When the model is launched in 2022, we will see a newly designed stainless steel, which is based on the design of the Habaniro study. As with the current model, the Niro will also be available in the future as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and as a purely electric E-Niro.


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