New Japanese four-wheel drive challenges Toyota vehicles

Many experts rated the new Isuzu MU-X as one of the most beautiful SUVs, and considered it a strong competitor to Toyota vehicles of the same class.

This vehicle is characterized by a chassis of an offensive nature, whose design suggests strength, and is designed to be elegant, modern and streamlined at the same time.

Its chassis was 4 meters long and 85 centimeters long, 187 centimeters wide, 187 centimeters high, and was equipped with shock absorbers and large, wide wheels that allow it to cross the most difficult and rugged roads.

The car also got several driving systems suitable for different types of roads, and Isuzu equipped it with advanced multimedia systems managed with a large touch screen, as well as systems for heating and cooling seats, a remote engine start system, a cruise control system during travel, light and rain sensors, cameras and front and rear distance sensors .

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Hyundai launches its latest family cars in new markets

Its versions, which will be launched in Russia and some European and Middle Eastern markets, will have 3.0-liter engines with 190 horsepower, 190 horsepower diesel engines, and six-speed automatic gearboxes.

Source: moto1


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