Production continues and the pilot episode has been completed.

The production of the series of The Last of Us on HBO continues at full speed, with the aim of releasing it in 2022. If a few days ago we learned that the pilot episode of the series has already been recorded, now we have a new round of leaked images from the set that honestly show an incredible resemblance with the scenarios from the first game.

First published by the YouTube channel ‘Wolf of Thorns’, and later shared on Twitter by The Last of Us Updates, the new images of The Last of Us series show what it will look like the Boston quarantine zone in this production: from its dilapidated streets and warning signs of the FEDRA, to the great wall that protects its citizens from the infected.

Scenes that you will surely remember from your beginnings with The Last of Us. The HBO series is filming in the city of CalgaryIn Canada, and at the end of July we received other leaked images that, apparently, correspond to the prologue of the first game. Are you looking forward to the The Last of Us series?

With the filming underway and under full sail, these weeks we have learned that Pedro Pascal, the interpreter of Joel in the series, will charge 6 million dollars for the entire season. And in the same way, it seems that the production of each episode will cost more than 10 million dollars. A sign that HBO is betting very hard on the work of Naughty Dog.

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